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Our first year long collaborative project is finished. We made these quilts, month by month, in 2010. Beginning in January of 2010, we agreed to each make two strips of a certain size each month… One to keep and one to send, using fabrics from our stashes in orange, pink, and black and white fabrics. We decided to work mostly freeform but to have two elements that we would incorporate into each monthly strip.

At the end of the year, we each had two sets of twelve strips to assemble into a quilt to keep.

In January each of us put our columns together. Then, Amy sent her quilt top to me to be quilted…I laid both of them out on the floor, side by side, and I was just speechless…they are absolutely amazing! At first glance, they seem very similar and alike, but looking closely, you can see the differences, the nuances of color and line that make these unique to each of us.

I backed each with rose pink and orange Minkee…and began the quilting, doing one little pieced area at a time on my Juki sewing machine. If you look at the photos, you will see 11 columns on Amy’s..and 12 on mine. Amy wanted hers more rectangular, so one column is nestled on the back with the Minkee.

Here are some details of each of our quilts.

O's Twelve2IMG_5515

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