Looking Ahead

Sunrise1  Canopya

Well, it seems I’ve been absent for some weeks. I had good intentions, but life (and the weather) got in the way. Living in the Pacific Northwest, I find many weather issues I never had to think about when I lived in Pasadena, California. We’ve had record snow fall and freezing temperatures and many power blackouts…we were snowed in for almost two weeks. So the holidays were very different this year. I did have plenty of time to work in my studio. Amy and I have projects we have been working on including a special challenge to each other. The two photos above are projects that we worked on together when I visited her in November. “Sunrise” on the left was Amy’s inspiration. She completed the center panel, and I added the first border, and she the second…then it was layered, backed, and quilted. The photo on the right is “Canopy.” This was so much fun to work on together. This was our first try at working with strips in this way. I love how it turned out. Both of these pieces are quilted fiber art of which we are very proud.

30 Dec 08

Just this morning I was telling Amy that my work table is beyond help. I have piles of many projects and bits and pieces waiting to be put on this or that. This photo is all I will show you today. It is the trimmings of a bird art quilt we are working on now. Now, I look at this photo and think, surely there must be a use for all those bitty pieces of fabric….

We are looking ahead to this year and all the beautiful fiber art we will make. Soon we will post photos of the two challenge pieces we are both working on….I am quilting Amy’s now…and maybe next week I’ll be brave and show you my work table which may or may not be cleaned and organized.

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