Winter Circles

Winter Circles

Last night I took the last stitch on the binding of Winter Circles. In November, Amy and I challenged each other to each make our own fabric art piece with only one qualification, we had to use strips of fabric. We have been working with strips in our last few pieces, and we were both wanting to do something more. We each worked on our own center panel, and then exchanged with each other to finish the framing or borders. Amy’s challenge piece, Promise, was posted last week. And mine was finished last night. As I worked on mine, I thought of the trees in my woods…the fir, alder, and maple trees…some with and some without leaves…the dark colors against the snow…and the life that is nestled there within the trees…the birds snuggled for warmth, the buds of new leaves, the remainders of nests, a haven for many in the cold. I really like these challenge pieces. I think we aren’t finished working with strips yet. It is addictive.

Yesterday I taught a class on making small quilted journal pieces…or “Littles” as I call them. The room was full and filled with creative energy. I think I learned as much from these participants as they did from me. The best moment was when a woman who owns an online fabric store, specializing in Asian and batik fabrics…put out a bag of cutting scraps on the table. There was a lot of excitement as we admired the strips, pulling out this and that one that caught our eyes. Another lady shared with us how to make embellished fabric beads. Remember the beads we used to make out of paper, that little triangle shape that you roll over a pencil? Well, this is similar…and then beads and yarn are sewn on the fabric bead…they are easy and fun to make. The day went quickly, and I left inspired and motivated and anxious to get back to my studio.

kb on his heating pad

My companion in my studio is KittyBoy…or kb….he has his favorite spots…this one, a plastic box which use to hold fabric, now has quilts folded up with a heating pad on top. He sleeps here most of the time. But he also likes to sleep on top of my keyboard where it is warm…and this causes many problems…a few days ago there were 64 windows open because of his movements….of course he likes to lay on any new project I am working on…and in my closet, the top wire bin on the right, is his hiding place when the grand boys are here.

Right now I am working on an orange theme tote that Amy pieced. I am quilting the panels, and will seam it together. These totes are wonderful…so colorful and whimsical. You can see more of them at our store at

We have many projects coming up…some shows here in the Skagit Valley area…all of which we will share with you as we get closer to those dates.

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