Comfort Cooking on a Raining Day


Mom's Bread Pudding with Lemon SauceRain is not unusual where I live, but today there was the kind of rain falls in a diagonal and slashes against the windows and skylights. The white caps on the ocean were bouncing around, and the fog covered the view of Whidbey Island. The power was off for eight hours, the wind was gusty. The stump tree that grows on the bluff and is the perch for eagles and osprey broke off.

When the weather is stormy, I like to cook and bake (if the power is on). I thought about  the perfect comfort food and my mom’s bread pudding came to mind. And it stayed there. So when I could, I gathered the ingredients and got to work. I substituted two maple bar donuts for some of the bread….:)….and like my mom, used heels and left over breads. I doubled the bread called for in the recipe since I remember the texture being very custard like…and I wanted more texture of the bread.

As the pudding cooled after baking for 90 minutes, I made the lemon sauce. I know there are other recipes out there that may be better for this reason or that, but this one takes me home to my mom’s kitchen. It is easy to make and tastes like fresh lemons. This bread pudding is a perfect comfort food, and even better with warm lemon sauce.

When I asked my mom to write out her recipe so many years ago, I remember her shaking her head and mumbling about bread pudding without raisins being just wrong…lol

Bread Pudding Recipe

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