Calypso is On the Machine…

As soon as one quilt is finished, a new one is pinned on. Here I am auditioning thread colors.

As soon as one quilt is finished, a new one is pinned on. Here I am auditioning thread colors.

I finished quilting the big orange 2013 project last night. I took it off the machine (and in that process stabbed myself with wicked hat pins twice on my thumb) and laid it out on the cutting table to be trimmed and squared. I checked the back for goobers, and snipped a hundred threads. I prepared the binding, stitched it on, and began hand stitching it in place. It isn’t ready for photos yet, but maybe tomorrow I can put it up on the wall outside if the weather is dry.

My task this morning was to choose the next quilt to be quilted. There are three that are more or less ready. As I looked at all three, I loved the morning light coming in my studio windows on the bright happy colors of the one named Calypso. And so, Calypso was chosen. I pulled fabrics that would work for a pieced back and got to work. By noon I had the art quilt on the machine. That means the back was pinned onto the rollers top and bottom, the batting was cut to size, and the top was laid on top, or floated. What took the most time was deciding what color thread to use. I pulled my reds and oranges. Yes, I do have many orange threads. And a soft peachy orange is the one that I used to wind the bobbins and thread my big machine.

Meanwhile, back in my studio, I am working on different sized blades for a Dresden Plate, a project we are considering for our 2014 project. I have a small art quilt and another that needs some more blocks…and backs.  And the orange pieced strips project is ongoing.

Dresden Plates

Before I leave the studio tonight, I’ll finish a sketch and watercolor for the day,  write a few words in my journal, and upload some photos to Flickr. I love the flow of these days and the creative lines that connect it all.



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