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O's 2013 - 80"x80"

O’s 2013 – 80″x80″

You saw this quilt last week on my long arm, and now it is finished. When the sky cleared and the rain stopped for a minute, I raced to get the quilt out and pinned on the side of the house. It is a two person job…one to hold the weight of the quilt, the other to pin it with huge push pins to the wall. Standing back to get the photo framed, I had a moment of ‘ahhhhh’. It turned out beautifully, her blocks and mine, together to make the whole. Soon I will have her quilt top here to finish. You will see how similar they are in color, but different in other ways. I haven’t seen it yet, so I, too, will look forward that.


Next, I quilted Calypso. This wall-sized quilt was started in November. The top was finished during that visit, and brought here to finish. I love the colors, and the free form pattern of the blocks. This will add to our “My Line” series of art quilts.

The next project to be quilted.

The next project to be quilted.

Last winter I took a class with Kaffe Fassett at Island Quilter on Vashon Island. This was the quilt we worked on.

There is much going on in my studio including our 2014 project (which will combine appliqué and piecing)  and a new Kaffe quilt growing on my design wall in a color way most unusual for me (photos coming). And the stack of orange on my cutting table keeps growing. On Saturday I’m taking a class given by Krista Moser on making a ‘tuffet’….more on that to come.

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