A Bowl of Apples (To Start the Week)

Opal ApplesThe week started off with a photo for Katrina Kennedy’s Capture Your 365 prompt for Monday, “In A Bowl”….I have waited for a reason to photograph these apples, the sweetest crispiest apples anywhere…and perfectly named Opal Apples…go figure!  They are grown on one organic farm in Eastern Washington, and available at one market for a very short time. So these, perfect Opal Apples in a beautiful ceramic bowl made in the pottery studio here. Perfect for sketching, right?

Color Palette for Daughter's QuiltOne of my daughters surprised me recently with a ‘thumbs up’ to the idea of a quilt for her birthday. She has not been one to be much interested in such things, so I was truly surprised and now excited to see what I would do. Her requirements were defined…earth tones (really?) and low energy colors…(what?). I worked and reworked the colors on my design wall, and truly felt that I was as close to “earth tones” as I would ever be. With fingers crossed, I sent a phone photo, and with a relief, I read her reply….”LOVE it!”….so it is forward into this project. I will keep you posted.

Kaffe Diamonds

I finished this quilt today, taking the final stitch to the binding and hanging sleeve. It is a Kaffe Fassett pattern called Framed Diamonds. I took a day class with Kaffe last year when I started this beauty, and now it is finished. It will be in a Kaffe Fassett themed quilt show through the month of February at Island Quilter on Vashon Island. And I ponder, as I look at this photo, how those two blue frames were placed next to each other and almost in the center? Oh dear! Sometimes the most obvious gets by.

Back of Kaffe Diamonds

The back of the quilt showcases the quilting. I quilted the flowers in each diamond, and then a squiggle in each frame. I love that great Marimekko print which shows off the quilting.

The Boys Watching Obby (on the right) and JAXson (on the left) keep a close eye out for me. I was outside taking photos when I looked up and saw them inside sitting on my quilting long arm machine.

DuskAnd the week closes with a beautiful dusk. I would like to say we had a sunset here, but there was no sun. The colors of the sky reflected on the Saratoga Passage were beautiful. I hope you have a beautiful weekend with time for creative discoveries…whether it be photography, sewing, quilting, sketching, painting, knitting…endless possibilities are all around us, but we have to make it happen. Make it happen this weekend!


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