TuffetMy week started with a full day “Make Your Own Tuffet” class. I had read the instructions, and thought it best to wait until class day to understand better what was required. And aren’t there always those who come to class with everything already put together?  Well, it was so. But it was a good thing. I saw how the parts go together and how the foam and board and button are all attached. I took many dozens of photos so I would remember. This tuffet was made with Kaffe fabrics. Mine will be orange!

A's2013 on machine

On Wednesday I received a box from Amy with her quilt top for our collaborative 2013 project inside and ready to be quilted.  I made the backing that day, and got it onto the machine a day later. It is the same but different…something we often say when we do a project quilt. I am about half way done with the quilting. So a few hours more, then the hand stitching of the binding, and I will post it finished. Maybe there will be a photo of both of our quilts side by side.  Amaryllis BudI think there was an Amarylis shortage this year. The grocery stores in this area didn’t have the usual holiday display of bulbs in those boxes which include the plastic pot and soil. But, I was in luck. At a holiday function, I was given a bulb in a fancy red netting bag tied with a metallic ribbon. It was a double bulb…huge. It was weeks before I managed to get it buried in soil, but I did, and within a week it had sent up two stalks. And this week a bud appeared on each stalk. This morning, this one opened up just a bit. I wonder what color they will be?
DresdenPlate#1 And many many blades have been sewn for the new 2014 project. It was fortuitous that I sent Amy a photo of my pile of blades in process….and she (and I) saw that I had sewn the wrong end of the blade…making the point on the narrow end. I did put them up to see the design, and it is an alternate way to see the Dresden Plate…but I took out all those little stitches and restitched on the wide end. Now, I have my first plate ready to be appliquéd on to its backgrounds.Ferry to Vashon I am blessed to live near so much water. Seattle has many many islands nearby, but accessible only by a ferry. One of my favorite quilt shops, Island Quilter,  is on Vashon Island which is only about 20 min. by water. On Thursday, four of us quilters took a carload of quilts that will be displayed in February at a Kaffe themed show in the gallery of Island Quilter. It was a great day, a bit wet and cold, but the quaint town/island was so fun. Obby and Jaxson And of course these are my two boys….Obby and JAXson…waiting for food which they do all day long. They are very good friends, but in this photo, I noticed that Obby’s tail is holding down JAX’s….hmmmm.  They are my studio buds and keep an eye on what is going on.Trunkload of Kaffe QuiltsI hope to return to Vashon in the weeks to come and photograph the beautiful quilts that will be on display.

I hope you all had a productive week, and your snippets tell the story of your creative moments. Have a good week….


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