Goings On In the Studio…

It has been a busy and full week since last I sat here to write. The week started with a gift of a dozen fresh eggs from local chickens. Local Eggs

I love looking at them and thinking I should run in and grab my sketch book and pen, but my mind travels to recipes…custard, bread pudding, quiche, frittatas…and other ways to use such a gift. I pondered all week, and finally settled on a custard cake..a recipe I saw at Pinterest and knew it held magic for me….and rightly so, it is called Magic Cake. It was delicious, and those three layers formed just as the description at Pinterest said.Magic Cake

On that very same day, I finished the last stitches on Amy’s 2013 quilt. I was lucky to be able to use someone’s clothesline to hang it, and photo it from front and back in the rare moment of sun and good light. You will see a line of shadow from the clothesline across the first row, but I think it adds to the character of the piece. I went behind the quilt and saw how the sun was shining through the quilt, so another photo to remember that I put one of the extra blocks on the back. I love the fabrics very much. It is now folded, bagged, and boxed, and to be mailed tomorrow morning. I hope she will love it as much as I did while I worked on it. A's 2013 Year ProjectA's 2013 Back

Work has started on our collaborative project for this year…After a few false starts (like sewing the wrong end of the blades together to form a point) and back and forth about colors and details about the back and forth, we are both working on our first plates for this month. I love Amy’s choice for background, and can see how the range of this crimson red will play out over the whole of the quilt. My choice is a bit wonkier I think. I am using a wide range of grays for the quarters of the plate, and the center is a tight lipped secret for now. That means I’m not sure, but maybe. But more on that later.

Sewing Blades for Dresden PlatesA's Dresden Plate in ProcessThese are ready to mail…Amy will mix and match the quadrants, but the blades are appliquéd.

Big news for the week was the photo journaling I did on my Amaryllis….it was planted late, weeks after Christmas, but it shot up quickly and formed a huge bud. So on Day7, one of the four flowers opened. It is perfect!…a deep red orange that is warm and intensely colorful for these bleak days. There are three more flowers that might open in this bud. I think it is beautiful.

Amaryllis Day 7 Bloom


Outside, the birds are ravenous at the feeders. It is a constant vigil to keep the hummingbird’s food liquid. I bring in the frozen feeder, and put out the defrosted one. This happens several times a day. There are at least two tiny hummers who winter here. And this morning I noticed that there were several house finches at the seed feeders. They and the juncos kept an wary on me while I tried to get a photo. It snowed last night, and the ground is crunchy…hard to hide and click, so the photo is just that.

Feeding Station for BirdsPacific Northwest sunsets are spectacular….some better than others. Tonight there is no light, and no sunset, but last night….well, you be the judge. The colors that reflected in the sky and water were a palette to make any artist shiver with excitement.

February SunsetObby is stretched out on my studio chair, his head hanging over the edge of the chair, and snoring softly. He and JAXson are my studio buddies…always nearby and ready to swat a thread on the sewing machine or swish a pen off the work table to the floor. Obby SleepsI hope you all have a busy and full week with time to be creative and time to ponder in and around and amongst all the routine parts of our days.  Think of your art as therapy…and to quote Pablo Picasso who said it so well….”The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”





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  1. This is wonderful. So easy to follow and pleasant to read. The photos add that touch of perfection. I know I’ll enjoy going backward and forward.

    I love the Picasso quote…definitely one to remember and live by.