An Ending and Beginning


It is Sunday morning, and I’ve scanned the Sunday paper and flitted from site to site checking Pinterest and Flickr and gmail….two cups of strong black coffee with a drip or two of cream…and now strong black tea to fuel the hours of the day and the things to be done and become. It has been two weeks since my last post and much has passed through my studio. Projects have been finished and a new one started. The bluff is taking on the colors of spring, the boys (my cats) are continually entertaining, and my stack of reading material in the studio grows. I’ll start with the quilt just finished. I posted the fabrics for this quilt for my daughter a month ago. I was worried about the colors she wanted…’earthy’ calm colors…and auditioned many from my stash. As I started, one row at a time, building it out on my largest design wall,  I feel in love with it. I would never have chosen this color way on my own, but doing so for her brought a new appreciation for these beautiful earthy colors. Yesterday I met her for lunch, and then we walked out to the car to get the quilt. I was more than teary-eyed when her face lit up as she held the quilt in her arms, feeling the softness of the Minkee (I had no idea that it came in chocolate brown) on the back, and the texture of the quilting lines…and the colors.  She texted later that she just can’t stop looking at it. Well, maybe she has fed my soul in this way. It is a most difficult thing to give away a quilt. But this one will be loved, I am sure.

Daughter's Quilt

Even before the binding was sewn on my daughter’s quilt, I had been inspired by a quilt I saw being quilted on my friend’s long arm. It caught my attention, and then my heart. I knew it was a quilt I must make…not the same at all, but with the play of line and color. It will be a field of flying geese….and since right now our surrounding fields in Skagit Valley are home to geese and swans, it seems just right somehow. I will need 800 flying geese units – I have made 300 – so a few more to go before I can start placing, or composing, them. The best thing ever is that I am using a technique that gives me 4 geese units at one time…:)   I can’t wait to see how this looks in its entirety.
Flying Geese Project

When I’m not piecing geese, I might be taking a photo for the daily CaptureYour365 prompt, or creating a list for the ListsofDays challenge, or, creating with my watercolors for Watercolor Playground class. I know this about myself…I work better with a deadline, a prompt, or some gentle nudging. I was the one who left assignments in college until the last minute…and then worked furiously to get it done..totally in the zone and focused. I haven’t changed too much in that way. These three challenges are perfect for me for different reasons. My paints are ready, my palette clean, and I’m ready to squeeze each tube and record the colors on a paint swatch.  More photos will come as I move ahead with that and the other class.
Watercolor Playground1


Bag ZipSqueezed into the weeks past I made a small zippered bag for a thank you gift. I cut flowers from fabric and machine stitched them on to a background of raw edged bits of black and white fabrics. I LOVE making these bags. Each one has such a voice and character. This one was loudly wonderful (in my opinion) and I hoped that it wasn’t too much for the person for whom it was intended. My weakness is that darned zipper. I have ripped out more than one zipper that was sewn in wrong. This one, if you look closely, is sewn wrong. Half of the zipper is sewn on the wrong side…lol….thankfully, it is easy to fix.

Bag w:FishThis is the finished bag. I love that little bird in the lower right corner!

First TulipSubtle changes  are happening on the bluff. One of the rhodies has burst into pink blooms, the plum tree has new buds, and the first tulips have popped out of the ground. After so many days of grays and no color, these bits of color are so wonderful to see. Spring is coming!

RainBut there will be many more days of rain and cold weather before we get there.

Stack of ReadingWhich gives me the time to sit in my studio chair and read from my stack of reading books, magazines, and newspaper articles. I have another stack by the bed, and yet another one of cookbooks at the dining room table….

JAXsonJAXson and Obby are my studio companions. They are curious about what is happening on the work table, and keep an eye on my comings and goings.

I hope you have a good week ahead with time to discover subtle changes in your own yard as we move toward a new season, and your time inside is balanced with reading, pondering, and creating.





2 thoughts on “An Ending and Beginning

  1. I was so touched to read about your daughter’s reaction to the quilt. I love that you were able to step out of your normal zone and create something especially for her. And the fact that you fell in love with it made it even more special. A very pleasant post to read.