Freddy’s In The House

It has been a few weeks since my last post. And sounding a bit trite, I have been busy in a bunch of ways. Ohhhh, I’d love to write in detail everything that has happened and things I’ve done, but that would take a book. So, bits and snippets of the past month starting with a week long visit from Freddy Moran and her husband Neil. Freddy is proudly 83 years old, and maybe the most prolific fiber artist I know. She travels the country teaching workshops and talking about her coming of age (artistically speaking) at the age of 60 (after raising five boys). Her voice is clear and poignant, and mindful that it is never too late to find your way into your creative side. And, “time is precious and finite.”   So, a week that passed too quickly but full of memories of exploring our Pacific Northwest along with late night talks in my studio and workshops where dozens of women  have been touched and moved and inspired by this beautiful spirit.Freddy MoranThese are some of her recent pieces. Her work now is mostly collage, making flowers and sky come alive with bits of fabric. The glue stick is her tool. The pieces are raw edged quilted in place.  Freddy's CollagesHer husband Neil enjoyed watching Freddy speak to a group of 25 women who came by ferry to hear her speak and enjoy a cup of tea on Vashon Island. Freddy and Neil Penn Cove MusselsPenn Cove Mussels from Whidbey Island….we each had a bowl of 1 lb. of mussels in the best garlic broth ever….Star Triads (in process)After the visit, I settled back into my routine with new determination to finish projects on my design wall. This one, Triad Stars, needed some light. I made new pieces and it helped balance the values. I started sewing the diamonds together, leaving each end open 1/4″ to allow for the Y seams….a challenge for me, but with careful stitching, it comes together.
Flower in Vase CollageI finished a collage I had started last year. I like working in this format….a sketchbook with fabric. This was inspired by my collection of Day of the Dead Fabrics.Lighthouse Tower on VashonI look for inspiration everywhere. This is the lighthouse tower on Vashon Island. I see a tangle of A’s….and a future drawing…maybe a collage. Messy PaletteThe SketchbookSkool is in its fifth week. Each week a new teacher shows his/her style and some pages from their journals. The teacher this week is Roz Stendahl. She encourages drawing from life forms…animals, either real or toys…using gesture and contour sketches to warm up before the final sketch is done. I am using this palette mostly for the sketches I’ve done so far. The paints are watercolor tube paints from Winsor Newton. Each teacher has their preferred tools and paints. Rooster SketchThis rooster was sketched from a postcard on a 3×5 card, ready now to be glued into my journal.View of StormThe view from my window is ever changing. This was a storm coming towards the house from Whidbey Island. Each sketch leads to the next one…
Journal on May1And it all ends up in my  journal.  This one is almost full with just a few pages left for today and tomorrow. I can turn to any page here and instantly be in that place…feel the air, smell the scents, and remember the moment by what I have recorded…simple lines, a few words, and some hanging threads.

Have a good week in your spaces….find your passions, and bring it to life in your work. You are the artist.

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  1. It’s delightful to see the past month through your photos and words. You obviously lead a full and rich life.