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The days are turning warmer, longer, and fuller, if that is possible. The house has settled from the recent flurry of visitors with a bit of time before the next wave of house guests. This morning I took my morning coffee outside and sat on the deck feeling the morning on my skin, breathing in the salty sea air, and listening to the jizzing, clicking, and chirps of birds. I heard the cry of an osprey, and the piercing screeches of a pair of eagles soaring above the trees. The leaves have unfolded and as we move into the summer months, the buds open in swaths of pink, lavender and reds, oranges and yellows. The plum trees are loaded with tiny fruit…and maybe this year will be the year I will see peaches on the bluff tree.

Rhodie Baby Plums


Japanese Maple


The Japanese Maple has turned red. Here it is covered with morning rain.


Work (can I call it that, really? ) continues in my studio. Two projects are finished. One is for a king sized bed and is the largest I can quilt on my long arm. I call it “My Flock of Geese”. I have posted photos of it in progress, and now it is finished. There are 850 units of Flying Geese in all, and 19 rows!


O's Flock of Geese


Earlier this week I received a squishy envelope from Amy. Inside were two quilt tops that she had finished working on. Both were started back in November when we most recently worked together. After making a back, I pinned it all on the long arm and started quilting. I’m happy with how it turned out.


My Line#9 (Pink to Red)


The second one is already on the machine and will be quilted next. These two are added to the series we started two years ago called My Line,  collaborative art pieces which can be used as a wall hanging, or a table center. They are modern and sweet.

Four new projects are moving along on my design wall. One is our 2014 year project which is going to be stunning when it is completed. A photo of the ‘stars’ project was posted last month. It is going more slowly because of the darn Y seams….yikes! But I’m trying hard not to get discouraged and put it away. I try to do one star a day! lol

In other creative corners of my studio…I continue to sketch and dabble in watercolors in my various sketchbooks and mostly on index cards. I like using the cards because in my head there is less pressure to get it ‘right’….lol ¬†I save all my work, and tape or glue my cards into my Moleskine journals. SketchbookSkool Semester 1 is completed, and soon, July 4th, the second semester will start. I recommend this class if you want to be challenged and inspired by the words and works of a series of artists. Last semester’s faculty included Tommy Kane, Jane LaFazio, Danny Gregory, and several others. You can check it out at SketchbookSchool or Danny Gregory’s blog.

Tammy’s Index Card a Day challenge is starting June 1 through July 31. Challenge yourself to bringing an index card alive with your line, your color, your words, and your art. Join me in the challenge. You can sign up for ICAD at Tammy’s site: http://daisyyellowart.com.

Obby in Repose


Other news:

Show and sale in Pasadena, California August 22 and 23 at the home of John and Nancy Carlton. Friday night is an invitational preview party.

The Art of Clay and Quilts featuring the collaborative fiber art work of Amy Cowen and Opal Cocke, and the clay art of Roger Cocke will be the October exhibit at Ornamental Arts Gallery in Smokey Point in Washington. The opening reception will be October 3rd.

And finally, an update on what I’m reading. The books are stacked by The Chair in my studio. My current fiction book is The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak.

What I'm Reading - May 2014


Have a fun holiday tomorrow. Here in the Pacific Northwest it is raining, so any hopes of barbecues on the beach or picnics at the state park are in question. But it will be a good day to be inside and working with my hands.

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