Catching Up and Moving On

It has been a busy summer, and that long since I last checked in. Summer started with visits from our twin grandsons, both sets. Their bunk room becomes theirs again after I move out all my quilting stacks, boxes, and ‘stuff’. We hiked, cooked, played games, watched movies, went to movies, ate tons of popcorn, and did art as often as we could. Two made small quilts from my scrap bin. All of them added to my collection of their salt shaker drawings on an index card. The time passed much too quickly. salt shaker drawingsThere were weddings, funerals, and birthdays….all reasons for the family to gather and laugh, cry, and sing. It was a good summer.Oliver

There was a show and sale in Pasadena for art pottery and quilts…a two person show. It was well attended, and good to see all of our 45 quilts displayed in one place. I won’t mention the over 100 degree heat in Los Angeles but our guests were refreshed with fresh lemonade.

After the show I headed south to Orange to visit another fabric artist, Jamie Fingal. Her studio was packed with her art. She makes art wall hangings using bright colors, stencils, and her rebel quilting methods. You can see her work at Her latest line of fabric will be released by Hoffman in the next week or so.Jamie Fingal's StudioI loved the visit to Central Market in downtown Los Angeles. I remembered being here many years ago on lunch breaks. It has changed so much since those days. The food is inviting and the smells are heady. Down the street is the The Last Bookstore which is in an old bank building. I love that the graphic novels and comics are located in the old walk in vault….very cool.Central Market LA

July 1 begins the annual Index Card A Day Challenge. I completed the 61 days of daily art on an index card. The challenge is organized by Tammy Garcia of She has many fun and engaging ways to make art. For me, the ICAD challenge was a good way to focus on art during the busy days. I love the finished stack of cards with their threads hanging loosely. ICAD2014...61...Threads


There has been canning and ‘putting up’ produce for the winter ahead. I love these times and the hurry and scurry in the kitchen. The finished jars of peaches, berries, salsa, or whatever it is, are artwork in their own right.PeachesSo autumn is beginning to show itself here in the Pacific Northwest. The pumpkins are growing and will soon be harvested. The leaves are falling. The nights are cool. The goldfinches have moved on to warmer temperatures. Autumn means the LaConner Quilt Museum Quiltfest October 3 and 4. Amy and I had three quilts juried in for the show. I will go to the opening reception to see the show before it opens to the public. It is a thrill to see our work hanging next to next with other great fiber artists across the world. CarltonThis is the Bamboo Quilt for the Carltons. It is in the private collection of Nancy and John Carlton and on loan for the show.Lavender BitsLavender Bits was created using the color way for a commissioned baby quilt.

O's 2013Framed Boxes is my 2013 year project with Amy. I love this quilt for so many reasons. And yes, it is orange…over the top orange maybe? Framed with oranges! It will shine in the exhibit hall in October.

What is in store for the months ahead? We are working on quilted and fabulously arty covers for the traveler’s notebook.  There will be more information coming on our Etsy shop where these will be sold. Jendori Cover Red Jendori CoversI am hoping my next post will be soon. There is much to share as the days move on. I heard somewhere that it is only ….well…better not to say the number….days until Christmas! Hard to believe, isn’t it?  ICAD2014...59a Contour

Do art! Just do it! Grab an index card and draw what you see….something small, something big, special, ugly, delicious….and you will smile!  This is a blind contour drawing for ICAD day 59….blind contour means you place your pencil on the paper, and then draw what you see without looking at the paper. You get better at it the more often you do it. lol Give it a try, and yes, you will smile!


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