About Us

The Here2There story is one of friendship, shared inspiration, and collaboration, all coming together in the threads of a unique line of fiber art. Created by two artists living and working miles apart on the West Coast, Here2There pillows, quilts, and fiber art give new wings to contemporary décor for the home.

Amy and Opal‘s Here2There collaboration began with a single idea: the joint creation of a quilt to turn a series of daily bird sketches into a fabric-based showcase of color and line.

Amy and Opal each worked on a set of blocks designed to create a rich window view of the black and white bird drawings. The stack of blocks was then combined, arranged, and turned into a beautiful piece of functional fiber art – Bird Quilt 1. Before its binding was even attached, next projects were planned, birdhouses sketched, and a partnership formed.

Today, the two artists have produced dozens of collaborative pieces, shuttling pieces in various stages of completion back and forth through the mail. At once vintage and modern, whimsical and timeless, Here2There pieces are rich in visual texture, pattern, color, and symbolism.

In addition to Here2There pieces, both artists work in many mediums and produce work for both the Creative Mom Podcast ATC exchange and the Creative Therapy blog. Opal is currently in her third year of creating journal quilts, small quilted pieces she calls “Littles.” “Littles” from her first two years of weekly journal quilting are currently on display at the LaConner Quilt Museum.


Opal's Little

Opal’s “Little: Friendship”

Amy's Life Bird

Amy / “Life Bird”