Cascade/Skye Cardigan

I'm working diligently on the purple Cascade cardigan I plotted in Sweater Wizard. I started it when I was pregnant, thinking somehow to stave off early labor by working on a long project. But, Spencer was born at 36 weeks regardless. My knitting was tossed in the rocker as we scurried about trying to get ready to go to the hospital when my water broke mid-sleeve.

Home again now, and knitting when he's in a position napping in my arms that allows me to pick up circular needles easily, I have been wishing I'd approached the sweater differently. I was thinking I'd rather have made a raglan with a simple neckline instead of a set-in sleeve with a collar. So, I plotted out several additional patterns with the same general specs to see if I could turn it into a raglan. And, I could, provided I do it in pieces and then seam it. I'm just not sure that I could seam raglan sleeves and make them look right (or neat). I much prefer making something in one piece if I'm doing a raglan - though it always seems that patterns for that approach are hard to come by, and I haven't wrapped my brain around the raglan design well enough to understand "technically" what I need to do even when that's what I'd like to do.

This sweater wouldn't work in the round, anyway. Not easily at least. The striping I'm doing on the sleeves with the Cascade, two skeins of Collinette's Skye that I picked up at my very first trip to Stitches West several years ago, and some Alice Starmore chenille would mean that I'd be carrying lots of yarn to enable working on the striped sleeves and solid fronts and back at the same time - sleeve yarn and a new ball of Cascade for each other section. So, probably not worth it. Doable, but probably not enjoyable.

But, the real clincher was when I thought about the way I used a really bulky Collinette yarn for the cuffs of the sleeves. It's a great complimentary colorway, and I've been wanting to use it forever. (It's another I bought at Stitches but didn't buy in quantity so have had trouble deciding how to integrate it in a project.) I did the cuffs of the sleeve in it, and I'm planning to do the collar in it to tie it all together. I still think that's a good idea. If I switched over to a raglan design, it might be that the cuffs would get lost and look a bit out of place.

Next, maybe I'll do a raglan.

Probably not! I've got a bag of lavendar and light purples that I pulled from stash when I was trying to decide what to start. I'm hoping to make a cardigan out of Hip to Knit. I opted against it originally because I wasn't sure of the sizing. I was hoping to make something smaller than I normally would have - I have a history of wearing/making things WAY too big. But I was also 8 months pregnant, so it was hard to decide what size to make - and hard to convince myself that I'd be able to wear whatever size I made. So, I decided to wait on that and opted for plotting a pattern myself. Now, ironically, I'm worried it will be bigger than I hoped.

I guess it's a mid-life crisis I'm going through. I suddenly want my clothes to "fit"!

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