Charlotte's Web

When I started running into blogger after blogger talking about Charlotte's Web, I felt like I'd missed some critical hip knitting project. Boy am I feeling old. I'm not, really. But sometimes, blog reading makes me feel ancient, a Rip Van Winkle of knitters. So, I started tracking down Charlotte's Web info. I'm a Koigu fan to begin with, so the concept of it fascinates me, and it's so beautiful when finished. I don't know that I'm a shawl wearer, however. So, I can't decide if it's really a practical thing for me to make. I do have to admit, however, to having spent far too much time searching for a compelling shawl pattern after getting hooked on the yellow one Jessica Simpson wears in The Newleyweds all the time. It just looked cozy and sort of cool on the comfy level. So, Charlotte's Web fell into my life on the heels of that.

Now there's even a CW knitalong getting started, and blog after blog led me to, where I was stunned to see that they were offering color consultation for CW projects and were two weeks out in providing help. That suggests a lot of knitters out there are jumping on the CW bandwagon and that it's not a "been there done that" project, as I saw it referenced on some blogger's site last week.

So, today, I notice IndiGirl has started another one, and from her blog, I found my way to Rob's blog where he's showing color combinations that they've come up with. Wow. Just looking at all those combos was exciting. I'm not sure the kind of colorway I was thinking of is on that page, but I'm definitely going to spend some time looking. (Well, actually, the one named Blimey really jumps out at me. But I was thinking of wanting one in more pinks and greens, based on color P105.

(I've been hinting about this shawl a lot. It would have made a great Mother's Day kit for me - or good for my upcoming birthday, a day on which I'll of course feel even older. But, then again, I'm not sure I don't want to pick my own colors. That's always the problem! Maybe I should pick my colors, or a few options, blog them here, and then direct some strong hints to the site!)

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