Frustrated with Faulty Pattern

Really got started on the Jo Sharp Oriole vest last night. But ran into trouble more than once. The pattern is frustratingly wrong in relation to the transition from ribbing to the fair isle. For my size, I cast on 122, and then on the last row of ribbing, it said to increase 14 stitches.

First, I forgot to increase. I'm so used to increasing on a knit row, that it slipped my mind that I needed to increase in the ribbing rather than in the first row of stockinette. So, I decided to just go ahead and do two extra rows. That's okay. The chunkier ribbing wouldn't bother me.

And then I got started on the fair isle row, only to realize in rereading the pattern that I was supposed to have 137 stitches after the increase - an odd number.

My math may be shaky at times, but it's clear that the 122 cast on plus the 14 increased would only be 136.

It's also clear that given that it's a v-neck vest, an odd-number of stitches would be right, since you almost always have to center the v on the odd stitch in the middle.

I got to looking, and all of the sizes are wrong. Looks like the pattern should state that you need to increase 15.

I frogged the extra two rows as well as the row where I should have increased originally, and then did it again.

Back to starting the fair isle. Quickly I run into two things. First, with the number of stitches I have, the pattern won't be centered or symetrical as written, which seems odd. And, the repeat of 6 doesn't work properly with the number of stitches I have since they aren't divisible by 6.

So, you can't just read the pattern left to right on the purl side.

Not a big deal to me. I was paying attention, and I knew what needed to line up in the patterning, despite what the chart shows. But, still frustrating.

I'm a big fan of Jo Sharp's designs. But I was not happy last night to see so many flaws (or so it seems) in the pattern itself.

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