Progress and a New Beginning

I'm notorious for starting projects - I love to start things. I'm not so good on completion. So I hate to detract from my good and steady progress on the Cascade Skye Cardigan to start the vest, but I've just been itching to start it. I did get to the armholes on the left front of the cardigan today, so that feels like a big accomplishment. The end is in sight! And, given that, I might as well get something else going.

With Spencer sleeping in my lap during the late afternoon, I rolled two of the balls of yarn I needed to roll for the Jo Sharp Oriole vest. The one pink yarn is amazingly soft, but what I discovered when I rolled it is that it's very sticky. I kept having to manually pull apart the yarns as I tried to roll it up. I don't think I've ever rolled anything so sticky before!

Later, with my hands free, I went ahead and cast on for the front using the pink Galway. It's yarn that my partner bought soon after the baby was born to go with black for a backpack I've got in my head that I want to make. But, it turns out it's the perfect color for the vest - since I decided last minute I'd rather do it all in pink instead of taupe, brown, and pink. So, I'm using it. I can always buy more for the bag when I get to it.

Casting on while holding the baby is too hard, so I took advantage of the time to get it on the needles so that I can work on it if I want to. In the middle of the night, I was able to do the first handful of rows of ribbing, and it's working up really nicely. The color is just beautiful. There's something about working with "pink" right now that is really satisfying!

Group Jealousy

I'm jealous. I keep seeing references to the ChicKnits KIP meetings in Chicago, and I'm jealous. I'd love to find a cool, hip, modern, group of young to semi-young knitters to hook up with on a regular basis and talk about yarn, knitting, projects, design, and so on. Or just to talk while we knit. I'm in San Francisco, so it seems like I should be able to find something like this. But so far, I haven't. I tried teaching a few friends, but neither of them really latched onto knitting in the way I'd hoped. Luckily, my partner knits, too, so I get to share my passion with yarn and my endless "I want to make that" list with her - probably much more than she'd like!


Was out at the Keyboard Biologist's site and saw her new photo of her progress on the Phil'Onde sweater. It's very cool. The gradations in color are wonderful.

I also really like the cuff she shows from the Lucy Neatby Mermaid Socks she's started.

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