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This morning, up early with the baby, I flipped through the copy of Woolworks catalaog that came yesterday. I didn't see much that I really liked, but I had just been on their site recently looking at Opal and Regia yarns because the copy of Devan that I printed out from the current issue of Knitty keeps staring up at me from the top of my printer. I just love it, and it would be a great project to work on for Spencer (the baby). If it came big enough, I'd make a matching one for big brother Matthew. But, even so, I could take the general idea and make him one.

I've got a bunch of sock yarn, and even some Opal in the tiger pattern, but I really like how the Regia fair isle shown in the photos with the Knitty pattern look. So, this morning I was again looking at the various yarns that might work for this in Woolworks and trying to decide what to try.

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