Sleeve Done!

I finished the first sleeve for the striped Cascade Skye cardigan last night. I've only had a few rows to do on it for days now, but I've not had a lot of time to knit - Spencer is a very fussy baby for the most part still. Plus, it's hard to do stripes and carry multiple tangling yarns behind and knit with him asleep on my shoulder. It's easier to work on something straightforward and single-yarned, like the back, which is why I stopped on the sleeves a few weeks ago, started the back, and finished it. I've got one of the front pieces on the needles, too, for the same reason. But, I kept thinking that I really should finish the sleeves so that I can see how much Skye I end up with. I'm not planning on integrating it on the front (because I didn't think I'd have enough left). But I'd like to see what remains before I make a final decision on that.

I've been thinking that at least adding striped pockets would be cute - they would be "afterthought" pockets so to speak, tacked onto the top of the knitted piece rather than worked into the piece. I'm still thinking about it.

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