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Yet another project I pulled from a bag in my closet was a Sirdar Aran I started for my son a few years back. (I had a real knitting spurt somewhere around 2001/02, I guess. It got sidetracked later by other projects and then the pregnancy doldrums.) All that was left to do on this sweater was seam it up and pick up and knit the neck. Unfortunately, I really hate seaming. So, the sweater has sat for more than a year, just waiting to be completed.

And I had resigned myself to the fact that when finally completed, it would no longer fit my son and would have to be given to someone.

Upon finding it this time, however, my partner offered to do the seams. For whatever perverse reason, she doesn't really mind seaming. So, she quickly put it together, leaving me just with the neck. That's a part I actually like. So, we've got another finished sweater.

I love the detailing on this sweater, and I'm a fan of moss/seed stitch in all variations. But I particularly like the collar treatment on this sweater. It is first ribbed for several rows and then has a bit of stockinette to create a roll right at the top. It's nice - and different.

Irony of all ironies... I think it will probably still fit older son. I seem to have made everything "bigger" than necessary when he was little! And, if it doesn't, it will fit the baby in a year or so.

(There's still one more sweater lying around that also needs seaming and a neck. It's next on my "to finish" list.)

1 Comment

You could make a good living "renting" out this wonderful seam-loving partner. :)

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