Ballet Pink


Baby is asleep in my arms, but luckily, my little Fujitsu Lifebook is very small, so I can prop it on my knees and do some typing and surfing while still letting him snooze. (If you guessed he's one of those babies that only sleeps when being held, you're pretty much right. I'm sure there are readers out there shaking their heads and tsking that it's totally my/our fault. To some degree, that's probably true. Baby number one was the same way. They grow up so quickly, however, and the comfort babies clearly derive from attachment practices makes it worthwhile. Plus, they grow up well-adjusted, affectionate, loving, and just downright sweet. Or at least that has proven true with Baby #1!)

At any rate, I don't have access to all my photos in here, so I can't visually blog about some of the things I'm working on or have finished recently. But, I don't think I ever showed a picture of the Touch Me scarf that I finished a while back. touch me scarf pinkIt's shown here draped on my pink suede Birkenstocks. Now, did I buy this yarn because it matches my Birks? No. I actually think I bought the yarn first. Then, I stumbled across these limited issue pink Birks. As a long-time Birk wearer (with, yes, a closet full of them), these were a must have. However, when they arrived (yep, even though I live in SF where the flagship store is, it was still easier to order them and have them delivered to my door), I wasn't thrilled with the color. "Ballet pink," my partner kept telling me. I had been hoping for something a bit more baby pink. They've grown on me, however. And then, when I pulled the Touch Me out to start work on the scarf, I had to laugh as I realized it is the same color!

The scarf took two balls of Touch Me. It's fairly short, but long enough. I wore it last night for the first time (it's actually chilly here in SF a good bit of the time, especially in the summer) with a jean jacket (recent sale purchase from L.L Bean) when I ran out with Baby #2 in tow to pick up a dozen Krispy Kreme's to have this morning for my partner's birthday. (Forget Atkins for a day!)

The scarf was amazingly comfortable on, and just felt so "right." It's such an amazingly soft yarn. I just love the feel of it. I tried a number of stitch patterns before finding something I liked that showed up well in such a plush yarn and that was reversible "enough" to look great on both sides for a scarf. It's a simple rib to knit, but has enough variety to make it interesting visually. It was from Lesley Stanfield's The New Knitting Stitch Library, which I like (as an addition to my set of Harmony Guides).

I haven't washed it yet, but Sharon at KnitKnacks has suggested I do that. (And I know Sally M. has some directions for that in The Purl Stitch.) I don't know how the yarn could get any softer, but there are some rogue loopy threads that have appeared (instances of worming, I believe) that washing supposedly may help eliminate.


Amy, do you have SM's Book 1: The Knitting Stitch? If so, turn to p. 29 and read her special note for Touch Me. (I don't know if she says the same thing in The Purl Stitch). If you don't have it, email me, and I'll quote it for you. It DOES address the loops problem. And after washing, not only does it get even softer, it acquires the most lovely luster and really do have to see it to believe it. I LOVE the pink Birks!

I just got into blogging and I absolutely love it, so thanks, I keep track of this blog as well as 5 others so far.

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