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Don't really have time for a full entry. Final edits on a white paper are calling me since I've got to get it out the door today so a Bristol-based team can take a look. But, I was in my blog clearing out yet more spam comments (anyone else beleaguered by them?), so I thought I'd check in just quickly.

By the way, I also took time to respond to a few comments that had come in recently. I always read them right away and am so excited to get them - and amazed that these women found my blog in the first place since I didn't start blogging with a network of friend knitters who would be pointing to my blog. I guess in each case, I found their blog and left a note, and then they popped into my blog, and we made a knit connection. It's wonderful. But I don't always email back to let them know I'm glad to hear from them. And I don't always leave comments even when I think I should or when a post they write strikes a chord. I should, and Sharon's post today was a gentle reminder to all of us. Part of the beauty of blogging is the community we're building and the friends we're making - friends who know something about us because they understand the pull of knit and purl. So take time to check in every once in a while. It's easy to get sucked into the silence and feel you're blogging (and knitting) in a vacuum.

Cloverleaf Socks
In 6 Sox Knitalong news, I'm now well into the second sock. A restless night last night allowed me to finished the cloverleaf ribbing and start the heel, so things are moving along smoothly, and I totally am ready to be done with these. They just look enormous to me. The first sock does fit - but it's not a tight-has-to-stretch fit. It's much looser - not necessarily bad, but the sock along will give me good opportunity and excuse to really figure out sizing for my socks (and I love the chart in The Purl Stitch for variable sizes/gauges/needles). It could be that I'm seeing a lot of stretch and not a lot of rebound in the Sockotta cotton. So, I'll be interested to see how they look after washing.

At any rate, hopefully they'll be finished soon.

I've got my mother coming in for a visit tomorrow (from Kentucky), so lots of cleaning on the agenda -- after those white paper edits.

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I'm sorry I haven't popped in a comment before this. I do enjoy going around to all of the CA knitter blogs during the day. I read them all, but don't usually have time to comment. We have no lys in our area - the closest is about 2 hours away. So I find our little online community is the knitting bond I would love to have here at home. It is inspiring to see what others are working on, designing, starting.. just all the different ideas you see online.
Anyway, I'll be around reading your blog - seeing what's new on the needles and commenting sometimes. See you online..

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