GPS-toting Rescue Heroes

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We live with a mite-sized Rescue Hero. And now that the Cartoon Network has started reshowing Rescue Heroes (albeit at 6AM), we get a week-daily dose (via DVD tapings) of rescue action which feeds the rescue craze around the house.

It's tough sometimes living in a world where there are constantly fires, earthquakes, volcanoes erupting, traffic lights falling down, avalanches, floods, storms, and so on. "911. It's an emergency" is the refrain we fall asleep to.

And the last time Grandma visited and took the tyke to the Golden Arches as an after-the-bookstore pit stop, she found herself hearing "911. There's an earthquake. Earthquake. 911" as she walked away to get more ketchup.

Surely it's a phase.

At least it's a cute one - and not a gun toting, war-mongering, I can fight better than you one.

With characters like Ariel Flyer, Billy Blazes, Wendy Waters, Jake Justice, Jack Hammer, Pat Pending, Rocky Canyon, and Rip Rockefeller constantly on the scene, there's a lot to like in this kid-friendly show. Plus, the "Think like a Rescue Hero. Think Safe" motto is one worth hearing - over and over and over.

(We moms do acknowledge, however, that a few more female heroes would be nice.)

Today, however, I had to laugh as Bill Blazes found himself in trouble and told his co-pilot (who happens to be his estranged father in this episode): "turn on the GPS Beacon so the team can stay apprised of our location."

Sure, the Rescue Heroes are always able to move from their headquarters halfway around the world to a rescue scene in a matter of moments. And last week, Commander Warren Waters was able to have a call with Ariel Flyer from the space station and then be at the high school where she was giving a safety speech just a few minutes later.

We don't really question that kind of inter-galactic and trans-continental speed. They're rescue heroes.

But having worked on numerous articles about beacons and location- and context-aware devices and services, the Billy Blazes beacon reference emerged as just such a perfect head-nod to the high-tech and mobile world these kids are growing up in!

(We don't even need to get into the cool world of tech-savvy teenage super girl Kim Possible!)

No wonder parents are engaged in these kinds of conversations with their kids.

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Rescue Heroes are a favorite in our household too! Don't forget Maureen Biologist! Along with Ariel, she was a fav at one point. We go through RH spurts where they'll play with them every day, and then not touch them for weeks. I guess its the same way with most toys at this age. For the most part the vids are okay, the only thing I don't like is the fast cuts between scenes. Too MTV-ish sometimes.

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