Beaded Markers?


Anyone tried the beaded markers which you see around these days? I've seen them on web sites and in catalogs. But we ran into them in a LYS the other day, too. There, they were $40 for non-sterling and $90 for sterling. Yes, we had to catch our breath, too. Being creative people and having lots of beading experience, we know that um, that seems high. Still, they were pretty. But what we were wondering is how practical are they? Do they not "catch" on your knitting or get in the way? Just wondering if any of you have tried them...


I made some and have been really careful with the ends to make sure they're tightly pinched and have only had one problem with them catching. I've made up a ton of them mostly because stitch markers have a mind of their own and seem to disappear quickly around here. (looks at young cat or young child. I'm wondering if young child is using them as polly pocket's jewelry.)

I couldn't buy those since beading was my main craft during a lull in knitting. Once, when I couldn't find my plastic ones, my husband made me some with wire, using a pencil for shaping. He soldered them shut, and they are my favorites to use with fine yarn because they are also fine.

I bought some on ebay and also received some as a gift. I felt the same way as you, that they would surely catch on the knitting. If they're well made with the ends tightly looped in, they're not a problem - and they're quite pretty! I just went back through my ebay feedback to find the seller who sold me the markers - her id is: jrsygirl99.

I tend to use them as markers to keep track of decreases or row counts - rather than as markers on my needles that get passed along with each row. They are probably less practical in situations where they get alot of handling - though in a pinch any marker is better than nothing!

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