Going for Gauntlets…

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While I think they are cute, I'm not much of a gloves person. They always make my fingers feel clumsy and encumbered. Mittens are almost worse because I feel lost without the ability to use my fingers as separate entities. Of course, when visiting in the winter, I break down and wear one or the other. But for a while now (years), I've thought that fingerless gloves would be a good choice for me. There was always something else to make though.

This year, Savannah Chic Knits pointed out (and then made) the Hooray For Me Gloves which are interesting from a technique standpoint as well as because they use cool self-patterning yarn.

Inspired, fingerless gloves moved from a tiny itch in the back of my brain to the to-make "this year" list.

So, the idea has been simmering when…

Out of the blue, M. says that she'd really like fingerless fingerless gloves. That took me a minute. So, she wants fingerless gloves, but ones with no finger holes other than for the thumb.

Fingerless mittens, I believe she called them, which threw me because mittens are fingerless.

(I now know that what she wants are gauntlets.)

To confirm that was what she was talking about, I grabbed Knit Mittens!: 15 Cool Patterns to Keep You Warm off the shelf (it was the first mittens book I spotted) to see if there were any fingerless gloves or fingerless mittens in it. To my surprise, there are. I don't like the execution of the ones in that book, but I figured the pattern would give me a sense of the shaping and so on.

(At that point, I didn't realize gauntlets are a really hot commodity these days, so I was figuring I'd have to "figure" out/modify/adapt an existing pattern to match up to what she wants.)


A few days later, I was flipping through The Purl Stitch and, lo and behold, there were super cool (and elegant) gauntlets staring up at me from the page.

In Koigu no less!


That's exactly what she was talking about - just shorter. She really does want them to be similar to mittens, just with the fingers cut off.

I sat down and looked over the pattern last night. It will be easy to pick up the pattern at a lower (closer to the wrist) point and start from there. Now we're just waiting for a box of sock yarns to arrive (it's been a LONG time since I ordered, and I'm doing major toe tapping now since it was the first time I'd ordered from this retailer) so she can decide if she wants the gauntlets in a self-patterning sock yarn she had me order or if she wants Koigu (of which we have many to choose from).

I'm excited about starting them - and hope she chooses Koigu.

Not that it really matters. I've got several Koigu projects coming up anyway.

I ordered a selection of Koigu colors over the weekend so I can finally get started on my first Charlotte's Web shawl. I picked up a few other skeins Saturday at Knitting Arts in Saratoga after seeing on Sequin K's blog that they'd received a large shipment of Koigu.

They did have a pretty good supply. Could you have found five skeins for a Charlotte's Web along a common color theme/scheme? Maybe. I didn't. But then I was looking for something specific in terms of colorways, and I also knew I could log on and order specific colors from an online retailer (at a better price even). So, it wasn't like I "had" to choose from what they had.

Still, I picked up a few skeins. I've been gathering skeins in a pink/red theme for the last few weeks as we've ventured from one yarn store to another to make a cardigan modeled off of one from an old Rowan magazine I have. Once what I ordered over the weekend arrives, I should have enough to finally plot it out and get it started. I'm really excited about that project. More detail once I get the final shipment.

At Knitting Arts, M. bought a bag of various yarns and made a really wonderful scarf over the weekend. I was good and stuck to my Koigu - since my to-make list over-runneth (especially with the major yarn shopping we did while Mom was in town). But the one thing I did pick up that is super cool is a set of gray handles. One of the projects I'm preparing to start is a felted bag (with many pockets - I am, after all, a mother of two) in gray and pink wools and a grey and pink novelty mix. I tend to be a long strap person, but I couldn't pass these handles up, and I think they'll work great on a the tote.


They also had a pair in a chartreuse that I loved, but the gray ones really do go with the yarns I was already planning to use. A perfect match, and a lucky find.

(Speaking of inventory… I am much more likely to order from an online retailer if I can see what they have, know that the colors I choose are in stock, and know that what I've ordered will be shipped out quickly. I wish, wish, wish more online sources offered up-to-date inventory.)

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Hi! Just thought I'd say hi and let you know I'm reading. I love finding new blogs and just popped onto yours.

Love the handles!

I've been wearing fingerless gloves like those for two winters now (they were one of my first knitting projects) and I never knew they were called gauntlets!


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