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Secret Pal 2 is in full swing, and it's funny all of us out there trying to find out a little more about our pals as we figure out what they might like and what makes them tick. It can feel like a giant fishing expedition, for sure!

One of the best approaches to "helping" this situation was a post I saw at Mindful Moderation. Lynn did a wonderful "about me" blog which gives her secret pal (and her blog readers) a well-rounded glimpse of her. It's great.

I don't know that I'll be as prosaic or witty, but I did promise my pal that I'd do an "about me" entry to try and help fill in the gaps.

This isn't an "I want" list. Instead, it's more an attempt to put on paper some of the things I like when it comes to knitting so that my pal has a sense of who I am.

It's interesting that there are so many gaps. Even though we blog regularly about our projects, and our lives, likes, and interests slip in, it often seems that our blogs don't reveal as much as we might think they do. Something I'll have to ponder and analyze more later. (The ex-academic and postmodern theorist side of me is into "meta-blogging" - or blogging about blogging.)

So, me (in no particular order)…

Partly, I'm analytical and orderly. Those traits play into my work as a web developer and technical writer. I'm among those rare people that find beauty in a page of code.

Mostly, I'm a creative type. Creative threads are woven throughout everything I do, even those things that seem analytical. I'm a knitter, a writer, a designer, a wanna-be watercolorist, a needlepointer, and more.

With my last pregnancy came an unexplainable love of the color pink. Right now, I'm also loving lime, olive, reds, oranges, and purples and lavenders. Here are a few colorway snaps I saved when considering Charlotte's Web combos. They give a sense of the kinds of colors that really capture my interest these days.

me me
me me
I can't resist the colors of Koigu. They are just so beautiful. The only thing I've actually made in Koigu, however, is a baby hat that I started while in the hospital with the baby in February.

I knit all kinds of things… hats, scarves, cardigans, vests, sweaters, socks.

I made my first felted bag last winter (a Fiber Trends design) and love it. I've got yarns to make another bag in grays and pinks with a cool gray/pink novelty yarn around the top - and hopefully lots of pockets. It's on my to-do list.

I haven't ever knitted a tank. Maybe next year.

I've never tried lace, but I'm getting ready to.

I've never made a shawl, but I'm getting ready to.

I am currently getting back into socks since I'm knitting along with the 6 Sox group. Maybe I'll use my left-overs to make socks for the baby.

I love Lucy Neatby's sock designs.

I like cables. I like ribs. I like fair isle. I like circular knitting.

I don't love working intarsia.

I love Sally Melville's "tweed stitch" pattern from Sally Melville Styles. I started a cardigan in it once but didn't finish. It's still on my "to do" list. This time, however, I'll make it much smaller than I started it out last time.

When working on straight needles or double points, I prefer bamboo. However, when working in the round, I tend to prefer Addi Turbos. Even with socks, I tend to cast on with DPNs in bamboo and then switch over to two circular Addis after a few rows.

I like classic looks and styling. I love Rowan designs, particularly Kim Hargreaves. I've always been a fan of Debbie Bliss, Jo Sharp, and Mission Falls.

I probably won't make or wear anything from Hot Knits, but I really like Hip to Knit, and I'm looking forward to seeing what's in Hip Knits.

I'm supposed to be on Atkins, trying to shed more post-baby pounds. But I do seem to have developed a real weakness for chocolate.

I love little bags to store knitting accessories (markers, tape measure, needle sizer, etc.) in. Mesh bags, see-through bags, bags in bright colors… doesn't matter. If it's a little zip-up bag, it's cool.

I love little books to keep track of my projects, to-do lists, etc.

I love pens in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

I love knitting paraphernalia.

I'm a big de-caf coffee drinker.

I tend to buy yarns that both feel good and catch my attention in terms of color.

I like self-patterning yarns. I love Opal. I like novelty yarns. I like wool. I like handpainted and variegated yarns.

I bought fabrics to make myself needle rolls, but I haven't made them yet.

I'm a mom of two boys - 3 1/2 and 6 months.

That's a start.


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Thank you!! Very helpful and insightful! AND it's great to see a picture of you....You'll see something soon.
from your SP2

Oh wow! I'm honored and happy to have provided some inspiration. :-D

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