It takes a village…

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I am looking forward to seeing a full photo of the crocheted Hannan shawl completed by Stella (She Who Knits) in Berroco's Zen. It does take 8 skeins, making it steep. But the stitch work looks beautiful in her closeup.

I'm not really considering a crochet project right now. I've got my hands - and I-want-to-make lists - full with knit projects. But, the photo (and color) caught my eye, so I thought I'd share.

(While you're visiting her site, don't miss these bags. Evidently quite a rage given the number of sites with how-to information.)

Several months ago, I got really interested in a yellow shawl Jessica Simpson wears on MTV's "The Newlyweds." Some poking around on the web underscored that there is/was lots of interest in that shawl, and several claiming-to-be "similar" patterns appear in various places. (It's crocheted, too.)

Ironically, this shawl obsession pre-dates my awareness of Charlotte's Web, so I guess my interest in Simpson's shawl just blurred into my fascination with Charlotte.

There's always another project! (Which is partly why it amazes me how many knitters I've seen who've made Charlotte and plan to make another.)

As for Jessica's shawl(s)… I was flipping through a-few-weeks-old copy of Us magazine the other day. A friend started giving me her week-olds when I was in the hospital with the baby and then continued when I was sitting up all night nursing and rocking in those early weeks. Then, I was devouring them. They were perfect fluff for the all-nighters when I was too bleary-eyed for whatever book I was in the middle of reading. Now, they're sort of piling up. But occasionally I grab one and give it a cursory look to sort of "catch up."

simpson shawl

Anyway… in the last one I looked at, I caught a half-page snippet on how Jessica Simpson has "saved a village" by wearing her shawls (designed by Cecilia De Bucourt and retailing for around $200 each) on the show. According to the article, Simpson's single-handedly created an "economic boomlet" in Florencio Varela.

An interesting fiber-flip on the "it takes a village" sentiment.

(Update: In her comment, Stella posted the pattern information for the Hannan shawl. It's from Berrocco book #218 "etc, etc" . Thanks, Stella!)

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It's actually Hannan, I mistyped it in my original post. :^)

Thanks for the compliments!

I have been trying to locate the shawl in pic same color everything, web look, It's the most beautiful shawl i've ever wanted, I have no idea how to crochet or knit it , would uyou know of anyone who make's these, and if I can have an exact replica made for me? e`mail a price and info? Thank's soo much~~

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