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It seems I left out some things (could we ever write it all and really sum ourselves up in an entry or two?)…

I am a San Francisco transplant.

Before that, my post-grad work took me (and partner) from Kentucky to Louisiana to Maryland.

Before landing in SF and joining the then tech boom, I was a stone's throw from finishing my PhD in Feminist Theory and 20th Century Postmodern Women's Literature.

I'm in high-tech, but my cell phone is currently being held together with Scotch tape, and I've never sent a text message.

I read a lot, but probably more SF/fantasy and less highbrow fiction than I should.

I'm a member of 30-Something Knitters

I haven't traveled widely, but I'd love to visit Scotland, Ireland, Italy, France, and Greece for starters.

A friend of mine recommends 1,000 Places to See Before You Die and just got back from Iceland herself.

I like the idea of mountain (or rock wall climbing), but when it boils right down to it, I'm not really the "outdoorsy" type.

I don't camp. I don't do bugs. Bright sun makes me sneeze.

I like fog.

I love the ocean - especially Maine's rugged and rocky coast.

CD's currently in my car shuffler: Shrek soundtrack (boy's favorite), Joan Osborne's How Sweet It Is, an Eva Cassidy compilation, Yo-Yo Ma plays Bach, and the soundtrack from Mona Lisa Smile. Most frequently switched in: a favorite Celtic instrumental.

(I love Celtic things and can imagine myself wearing a plaid and wandering the moors.)

I love LEGOs and Matchbox/Hot Wheels cars.

I look at this staccato list (and the earlier one), and there is still much left out. But "about me" info adds a lot to our blogs. So often we read blogs and are not even able to determine the author's name.

I look forward to finding out more about the authors of the blogs I frequent as they blog for their Secret Pals. It benefits the whole knit blogging community.

By the way, I'm Amy.

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Hey, how did your friend like Iceland? There was a program about it the other night on a local station and it looks absolutely fascinating. So much so that my DH has already started looking up info about traveling there.

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