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M. finished another scarf last night in a yarn called Blossom. It's very soft and snuggly and pretty with different colored bobble-like fibers running throughout the soft blue background. I keep telling her she needs her own knit blog. She has a blog, but she doesn't keep it very up-to-date, partly because I think she isn't talking about knitting in it! We'll see if I can convert her from thinking she needs a serious (read: business) blog to realizing that a knit blog would make her happy.

I almost finished an Eros scarf I'm working on in a wonderful almost stained glass colorway. It's primarily red with stained glass blocks in the ladders. I intended it as a holiday scarf for me. But M. is in love with it. So, maybe it will be for her. Let's see, she wants that and gauntlets and socks. Geez. And we don't usually make each other things.

I did finish the scarf, technically. But I'm adding fringe and didn't get done. The oldest boy (who started pre-school this week) woke up upset and mumbling about "not want[ing] to play games." I think it's been a week of a lot of change for him. So, my fringe pieces are scattered all over my rocker, but it's an easy-to-finish project.

I have read other bloggers who hate knitting with ladder yarns like Eros. I made my first one in the Spring and enjoyed it. I liked making this one even more. I used a smaller needle this time and cast on a few more (since my other one got really skinny and long once I put it on and wore it for a day). At any rate, it's easy knitting and a nice "switch-off" from the Making Waves socks that I keep sitting by my chair.

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Michelle was making something with Eros last night and asked me to knit a few inches to move things along since I'm a quicker knitter than she is.

I did two rows and gave it back to her. I totally hate it.

I'm glad you are finding it fun though!

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