One Down....

One more to go... mom visits that is. My mom left last night. We had a super week. Tons of knitting, a couple of yarn store visits, a trip to the boardwalk in Santa Cruz where the boy got to ride his first kiddie rides and I, despite the clouds, walked away with an unexpectedly red nose and forehead, the obligatory-but-fun trip to Pier 39 here in SF, painting of car-laden coffee mugs at Terra Mia (a local paint-your-own ceramics store), general mall and bookstore shopping, plenty of LEGO building, and lots of knit discussion, gift-list making, and I'd-like-to-make this and that list making as we passed around the baby and the boy. We even racked up several finished objects... let's see, with the three of us combined, I think we finished 8 scarves, 3 hats, and 1 pair of socks, and all of us started several other things just to see how certain yarns were going to work up. No, we didn't finish huge projects, but it's pretty easy and relaxing to sit and knit on a mindless fun and fuzzy garter stitch scarf that you can pick up any time you sit down while company is around versus something you really want or need to pay more attention to as you knit.

making wavesAmong other things, I was working on my Making Waves socks (from 6 Sox), and they're turning out nicely. I don't think I want to continue the cabling down the foot, necessarily, but I don't mind working the cable pattern at all. Mom and M, however, kept laughing and rolling their eyes every time they saw my cable needle - which to them far too closely resembles a toothpick!

They both prefer working on big needles and projects that offer instant gratification. I like things a little more complicated. But, it's funny... I don't mind cabling my socks, but when it came to rolling my skein of Chili Pepper Fluff yarn from the Great Adirondack company and ran almost instantly into some major knotting (and three apparent ends, which yes, meant there were four), I was not happy. M, on the other hand, took over the rolling and unkotting. It took well over an hour, maybe even two, but she sat there until it was all neatly unravelled and loosely rolled (since our experience with Fluff shows that it crushes). (I remember one weekend when she must have spent 10 hours working on rolling a hank of chenille that had knotted badly. Me - it'd have been in the trash an hour in!)

fluff scarfMom and M both made Fluff scarves when Mom was here in February after the baby was born. The yarn really is wonderful and soft and comes in amazing colors. It's also fairly pricey at around $30. My hank of Chili Pepper was a surprise from M sometime after the baby, and I just hadn't ever started it. So, I pulled it out and, once rolled, several hours later had a new scarf - which I proudly sported the next day at the Pier. The fiesty red/pink colorway was super combined woth my soft red jean jacket (even if you could only see part of it peeking out above the Baby Bjorn).

During one of our yarn shopping trips this week, we were talking to a shop owner about Fluff, and she told us that Splash by Crystal Palace works up similarly (at a fraction of the price). We both bought some - with gift scarves in mind, and both of us made a Splash scarf last week. It did, indeed, work up very much like Fluff. Fluff has a slightly softer hand, more rayon shine, and a bit of a lighter feel, but they are very close when finished. So, it was a good yarn find. One of the colorways mom picked up was a super baby pink variegated. I'm hoping that one is for me for Christmas!

The other mom comes for a visit in another week...

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