Postcard from Australia!

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I got an email from my Secret Pal on Friday saying that a package was in the mail and would take x amount of days coming from Australia. Yes, Australia! Way cool. I was all excited just to learn my Pal is from such a beautiful place, and it was my first clue that she's not from the US. (We're so US-centric, it's awful.) THEN, in the mail that afternoon, I got a postcard from her. (And, yes, I'm assuming it's a her based on our exchanges so far, the "voice" of her email, handwriting, and so on.) She says the postcard is the first of a series of "cheesy tourist postcards" from Australia. Cheesy? No way. This is very cool.

Even the stamp is beautiful! (I'll add pics later.)

Thanks, SP2!

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My pleasure! Enjoy! SP2, I'm having just as much fun sending you stuff.

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