Rainbow Hat Cont'd

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Work on rainbow hat #2 has progressed quickly. I haven't worked on it steadily because the Charlotte (progress/experience to be blogged) has had my attention, but I was able to pick the hat up for a while yesterday and finish the garter ribbing and get the shaping started. Of course, starting the decreases for the crown meant switching to DPNs, which meant finding five (the pattern is written for five, and the decreasing is pretty brainless if you follow along that way). Unfortunately, I've been in a 'losing' things phase - probably partially caused by our sporadic clean-up-before-company-comes routine which inevitably means things get tucked away in never-to-be-found-again locations.

Searching through my handy Vera Bradley case that holds my DPNs (too bad they stopped making this style a few years back since it's perfect for DPNs) didn't turn up any 10's on first pass. Rifling through the cup of recently used needles on the end table by my rocker turned up 2. So I knew I had a full set - which made not being able to find the others even more frustrating. A more thorough dump and search of the Vera case turned up 2 more I had missed on my initial look. Still 1 short. I continued to look, but never did find needle number 5. I found an abundance of 8s and 9s, and even a new set of 10 1/2s, but not another 10. In the end, I ended up splitting the round onto the four DPN 10s and the 10 circular I'd worked the rest of the hat on.

Not the most elegant of solutions, but it works. The decreases are speeding along. Hat no. 2 should be a wrap soon.

Matthew loves his. However, little boy love can be tough, so as he was swinging the hat by its tassels the other night, a few strands of fringe came out.

It was a good thing to see. I'll try and get mine more securely attached!

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I like your blog! I'm looking forward to seeing the second rainbow hat. The cute fringed I-cord tassel really interests me.


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