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After a relatively frenzied day working on a firestorm project (one of those that everyone knows about for weeks in advance but two days before it's got to be live no one has sent me anything and then it all comes in last second), having my SMTP server down so I could get but not send mail, and juggling the boys, we escaped for some light shopping, errand-running, and fast food.

I needed to return buttons to Jo-Ann's that I bought as "possibles" for finishing the Cascade Skye cardigan a few weeks back. I bought the same button in two sizes because when I stopped in to pick out buttons, I couldn't decide what size I actually needed. So, I've been carrying the too-big ones around in my diaper bag to return. (I do still need to take pictures of the finished cardigan. But, ummm, first I do need to actually get the buttons sewn on! It's boiled down to a blocking issue. I just haven't found the right amount of hands-free time and gung-ho ironing energy to get the cardigan blocked so I can put the buttons on and call it really finished.)

So, I returned the buttons and then did a bit of poking around for my Secret Pal 2 person. She hasn't given me a lot of info to go on, and I'm feeling the "age divide" keenly, but I still have lots of ideas about what I'm going to be mailing her way in small packages. So, I picked up a few things.

In my quick browsing (boys asleep with M in the car), I ran into these:

children's needles

They're "children's" knitting needles, size 10 US, from Lion Brand. Do I have children of an age to learn to knit? No. Do I think I'll ever use these myself? No. Do I like plastic straights? No. Did I have to have them? Yes. Are they just too cute? Yes.

I just couldn't resist. I think they are so darn cute that I couldn't imagine not having them at least poking out of a pencil holder on my desk. And, just maybe, one of the boys will find them fun to learn to knit with one of these days. (Although it seems to me that brightly colored wood with a fun topper would be a better choice than plastic? But maybe the plastic really is lighter. I haven't taken them out of the packaging yet.)

After picking up odds and ends, we grabbed a bite to eat. Then, on impulse, and despite it being late, we headed to another favorite has-everything store. My Secret Pal 2 person racked up! I found lots and lots of goodies and had a great time.

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The knitting needles are adorable. I wouldn't have been able to pass them up either. :)

Amy, I love the post you wrote for your Secret Pal to "know" you better. I think I will try something similar. Learning about you, I see that we have many things in common. :)

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