Secret Pal 3

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Wow. I am still trying to wrap my mind around what to give/send/buy for my Secret Pal 2 person (I really want to be a "good" pal), and I see reference to the fact that sign-up for Secret Pal 3 has already begun. Yikes! To think, I could have missed it if I hadn't stumbled over the info today while reading someone's blog and searching for Charlotte's Web tips/tricks/hints in anticipation/preparation for my Charlotte yarn and pattern arriving hopefully soon. (Date-wise, it looks like it will overlap Secret Pal 2.) More info here...

I think I should rename my blog the "parenthetical slash" - I use both a lot!

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LOL, if you rename your blog I'll have to rename mine *ellipsis overdose!* Though I usually try to go back and complete the thought sometimes they slip through!

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