Sentimental Vibe

There's been an unusual vibe in the air...

M's mother is in town. It's her first visit to SF (though we've lived here for almost eight years). So we've been doing some of the typical touristy things, which put us at Pier 39 on Saturday.

In one of the souvenir shops, we were checking out Beanie Babies while the mother-in-law picked up a few things.

As an aside, I used to be a huge Beanie collector, back when they were hard to get hold of, worth a lot of money, and so on. I purchased my first one while we were vacationing in Ogunquit, ME. It was a lion. It was the only lion they had. It was in my hands when a little girl started telling her mom she wanted it. Yes, I bought it anyway. The only thing I can offer in my own defense is that I didn't have my own kids then.

Unfortunately, the realities of our smallish house in SF and the addition of one and now two little boys put my Beanie craze into perspective. There are now bins of them in the basement in hopes that maybe someday they have value again. On the other hand, Matthew has gotten interested in them over the last year, so my interest has to large extent shifted from collector-level to mom-level interest. Tags get torn, cut, bent, and it doesn't really matter. What matters is that they are cute, adorable... you get the picture.

Since he started liking them, several more have made their way into the house (some new acquisitions; some that he's hand-selected from the ones in the basement), and I've started looking at them again when I see them as we're out and about. Even if we don't have space for them, I still find many of them just so cute. Which leads me to the strange vibe in the air...

First I found a magenta wooly mammoth, which is very cute, and hey, you don't see a "mammoth" every day. Then I found "Zeus the Moose." It's a great name, anyway. But the birthday for Zeus is the date that was my grandmother's birthday. So, Zeus was a must-have.

Then, we go into Studio 56, which has holiday decorations, and I'm immediately captivated by a glass hummingbird ornament. My grandmother collected hummingbirds. She loved them. They're pretty, but none of us love them in the same way. So, none of us continued the collection or adopted it as our own. I don't think I own anything with a hummingbird, in fact. They're pretty outside, and we have them in my backyard. But I don't crave hummingbird "things."

But, this hummingbird was speaking to me. I had to have it for sentimental reasons.

Two things so closely tied to my grandmother in such a short span of time seems strange.

And then, to top off the day, I dropped everyone off at home, nursed the baby, and then ran out to pick up In n Out burgers, Krispy Kremes, and a Happy Meal for Matthew. As I'm pulling out of the In n Out parking lot, I glance up and see an owl perched on top of a parked Krispy Kreme truck.

Though driving, I did a doubletake.

The owl turned its head, and I saw the brightest yellow eyes I've ever seen.

It was surreal seeing it sitting there just watching.

I don't know how it's related to the other things, but somehow it was the right touch to end the day.

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