Thank You Secret Pal 2

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The forces directing the mail carrier looked down on me today and smiled. For the last week, I've been awaiting a package of Koigu for my first Charlotte's Web. It didn't come, and it didn't come.

Today it came!

But, even better... a package came from my Secret Pal 2 in Australia.

I tore open the package to find a cool special "Scarves" issue of Creative Knitting, an Australian knit magazine (perfect since I'm still in such a scarf craze and can't seem to find my way out) and a bunch of individually wrapped packages. Here's what the ensemble looked like:

secret pal gifts

(I am proud that I stopped long enough to get the picture. I wanted to open everything immediately, but I was so amazed that my pal took time to wrap and ribbon-tie everything that I had to get a blog-worthy shot of the package contents!)

After taking the photo, the unwrapping began. I felt like a child at Christmas as I opened up a beautiful set of handmade beaded markers (which I had just recently been blogging about), a gorgeous beaded shawl pin (again, perfect because I'm starting my first shawl - and I was recently given a Scottish wrap in my family's plaid, so the pin is perfect for that, too), chocolate biscuits called Tim Tam's (which I fully intend to try tonight while watching Olympic gymnastics), and a box of Eucalyptus incense cones that smell wonderful (and made the whole package smell great!).

secret pal gifts

secret pal gifts

secret pal gifts

I feel really lucky to have such a super Secret Pal 2. Obviously, she's read my blog and taken into account the kinds of things I'm doing, liking, and contemplating. And, it's really special that she made the beaded markers and shawl pin herself. I love them. They are really beautiful!

Thank you Secret Pal 2!

1 Comment

Yaaay. I've been lurking on your blog all week to see if it had arrived. Glad you liked it and thank you for taking a picture! There was one thing missing that I think I mentioend in my note, it will come next time. Enjoy. SP2

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