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I guess it was last year... Every Christmas, we head "home" to where my mom and brother (and his family) live. One of the things we always do is hit a local yarn store sale there that happens the day after Christmas. It's not a "great" yarn store for someone who lives in a big city like we do, but it's not a bad store either. It's actually yarn and craft - needlepoint, cross stitch, etc. Still, they have a good bit of yarn and lots and lots of samples. When we all decided to make felted bags last Christmas, we picked up plenty of Galway and WookPak there as well as our first quantities of novelty "fuzzy" yarn to work with in the trim.

While browsing, I saw a great hat they had made up as a sample. It was knit in a bulky yarn and had a roll brim out of a fuzz/fur yarn. The sample was adorable - and I liked it because it was not felted. I asked about the pattern, and it turned out to be something the shop owner had adapted from a free pattern they hand out. So, I took the pattern and her general words of wisdom and headed out.

fuzzy hatThe yarn has been sitting in stash ever since, but it's been in a "possibly-soon" basket (versus the basement). And, at some point in the last few months, I rolled the fuzzy yarn (Sirdar Funky Fur) into three balls in preparation for working on the hat.

Last week, the Yukon and the Funky Fur got their chance. After a mis-start when I tried the brim with "just" the three strands of Funky Fur rather than with them and the Yukon (as I said, it's been a few months, and she gave me really general directions, which included "I used three strands of the Funky Fur"), things were on track. I diverged from the basic pattern a good bit, casting on a few less and then reworking the entire decrease section my own way. But the gist is the same.

It's a very cute little hat, and the Yukon was super to work with. The fur brim isn't for everyone (of course), and I tend to like more of the skull cap look and less bulk. But in this case, its just adorable.

It would be such a cute hat for a little girl - or even for a baby gift (sized down appropriately). Not that I have any little girls to knit for though! Two boys of my own - and one nephew. Ah, well, preschool at the Co-Op starts in Septemer, which means a huge fundraiser auction is in our future, so we're going to be knitting lots for that. Maybe I'll take the opportunity to indulge in some more "girly" knitting for that. (No feminist comments needed. I bought the rainbow bright Lorna's Laces the other day because the boy loved it. I'm thinking vest but may downgrade to matching hats for both boys. So, we push color limits around here for sure. Still, there just "is" a limit to what you can make for a little boy sometimes!)

In blogging about this hat, I had a moment of pride that I'm doing such a good job this year working from my stash. Then I reminded myself that I've made several yarn store trips recently and ordered a box-load of sock yarn from Carodan Farms (all because I saw a link to some new Regia Jubilee fair isle yarn they have that is hard to resist, and since I was ordering I figured I might as well try this and this and that). Plus, I have a list of Koigu to order for my first C. Web (see other post from today). You all understand, I know.

In my defense, I was down in the basement just last night pulling skeins as I try to decide what color scheme I want to use for a new vest I want to make. I didn't get far, however. I got overwhelmed by the possibilities and am just not sure where I'm headed. I left my first pass at colors on one of the rockers to evaluate today. But I may have to spend more time in the basement before I settle.

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Sorry to trouble you but I loved the hat and wondered if there was any where I could obtain the pattern.

Many thanks


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