An ode to charlotte

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If I get a chance, I may just have to write one, an "ode" that is.

I am just loving knitting Charlotte. And, despite it being lace and having a delicacy and an intricacy to it, it's a surprisingly easy project to pick up and knit "whenever" (which I have found critical this year being mom to an infant again). In part, the 8-stitch lace pattern that repeats across makes it easy to keep track of, as do the many, many markers designating the beginning of each block. In addition, each wrong-side row is simply a purl row. So, all in all, I'm finding it easy to work on, a lot of fun, and sort of addictive. It sort of flies by. I start knitting a row and thinking... okay, I'll make it to the center marker. Then I get there and head for the end. Then I think, well, I might as well go on and purl back. The rows just start slipping by, in sort of the same mesmerizing way that circular rows on a sock do.

There's just something about it.

(Unless you are my mom, you can click the image at right to see it in progress.)
don't click

After dropping Matthew off at preschool this afternoon, I ran to a LYS with Spencer to pick up a couple of packs of markers (if you remember, I've been on a goose hunt for markers around the house) and a longer circular needle to switch it onto. Close to $30 later, for just one pair of needles and two packs of plastic ring markers, we were headed back home.

I was good. I didn't even touch another yarn or look twice at anything other than the Koigu (just in case something jumped out at me since I'm hopelessly addicted to the great colors).

I'm getting ready to start working with the fourth of the five colors, now, and this new colorway is, by far, my favorite of the five. It's going to really make the whole thing pop, I think. It's a skein, ironically, I bought for myself for socks right before deciding on this color palette for the Charlotte. I wasn't able to find another one, so my sock yarn got shifted to the web project. I think it's perfect there.

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Your Charlotte is looking great! And if you end up not being 100% satisfied with #1, there are much MUCH worse things than having to knit up a #2! :) Koigu is yummy!

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