Blog crawling....

I was out looking around yesterday afternoon while the baby slept in my arms…

      Beautiful markers Sharlene received as a RAOK.

      Beautiful Sophie bag in a great bold Kureyon colorway at She Who Knits

      Sharon's great colorway for the Any Which Way Shawl.

      Christy's really cool, really pink sock at Rainbow Chills.

      Some Christmas hats and a funny Klaralund

      And, Steph, new Ph.D. holder at And She Knits, Too (congrats!), also finished Klarlund in a great red colorway.

(My curiosity is really piqued by this sweater, but I really can't buy more yarn right now - and my to-make list is far too long already! I was trying to make a more practical list, but it's still too long and doesn't even tap the stash I have.)

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