Philosopher's Wool Socks

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Oh, just quickly (before the sleeping one [in my arms] wakes)... We were in Michael's over the weekend picking up more journal embellishments, and while M. was doing her thing, I took a stroll around the knitting aisles. Now, Michael's isn't where I'd shop for yarn. I really probably am too much of a yarn snob. But, I was surprised to see how much better their knitting stash was from what it used to be, when it really seemed much more acrylic and crochet focused. The effects of the knitting boom were clear in the range of yarns, patterns, and supplies they had.

I still didn't buy any yarn. They still don't carry needles I'd use. But, I stumbled over this pattern book:

sock hop

It's called Sock Hop (by Joseph Madl for Philosopher's Wool), and it's got 13 sock patterns designed to go with the Philosopher's Wool sweater patterns. My Philosopher's Wool is still on the needles and sort of doomed because I know it's way too big for me (and I'm no longer liking the way-too-big-for-me look). Still, it's one of my favorite projects - and one of the most beautiful works in progress. I love their designs.

(Okay, I have to admit, in addition to the Color Your Own cardigan I have started, I have the Kilim kit in the closet as well as the yarn for one of the children's sweaters. That was a gift and before we realized that our children would hate wearing sweaters we made - at least right now.)

At any rate, the socks book was a must-have. The designs are beautifully adapted to socks. I'm not really wanting to make heavy socks right now. (I just bought all that sock yarn!) But someday maybe, so, it's mine. If you love Philosopher's Wool - and like to knit socks - you might keep your eye out for it. (It's also available on the PW site.)

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The sock book looks interesting! I'll have to keep my eye out for it.

I stumbled across a PW knit-a-long the other day, and was tempted to join,...

But really, I can hardly get my laundry done right now, let alone join (and take forever to finish!) another knitalong! But it sure did get me wanting to dig out my colour your own WIP and get cracking!

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