Ripping Waves

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I've got so much newly acquired (in the last few months) sock yarn that I've been itching to cast on new socks just to see one of the wonderful new yarns (mostly self-patterning) take effect on the needles. I'm particularly interested I seeing how the several colors of Regia Jubilee work up. And, in the endless stack of things cluttering my all-in-one printer, I periodically (like today when I wax xeroxing my estimated taxes stub) spy the copy of the "Circle of Friendship" socks pattern I purchased this summer from the Carodan Farm Store.

But, my Making Waves sock #2 for the Six Sox Knitalong is still on my needles. So, I've been good and when a sock mood strikes, I've picked it up.

Unfortunately, last night when I picked it up while playing with the kids in the floor, I somehow made a bit of a boo-boo. When I finished a row on my two circulars, I had an extra loop of yarn on the needle. Sometimes that seems to happen to me occasionally at the end of a row when working with the two circulars. I always notice it when I get to the end of the row again the next time around. When I just drop off that extra, things are fine (it's not an extra stitch, just somehow I've gotten the yarn looped around the needle). This time, however, when I noticed it and dropped it, things didn't just revert to normal, but I didn't know that right away. A few rows later I could see a bit of a hole where the extra wrap had been. All the stitches were there, but somehow I'd created a problem - and one that I didn't feel I could overlook or ignore.

Today, while waiting for the time to come to take Matthew to preschool, I patiently dropped all the stitches off the needles and then ripped back the 4 rows so that I was before the problem. It turned out that the problem had occurred at the start of one of the cabling rows in the Making Waves design, and I think that's what caused the problem to require frogging. Because the cable involves the first four stitches of the round, the extra loop ended up creating too much of a stretch between the real last stitch of one row and first stitch of the next.

Whatever. It all came out. It all went, painstakingly, back on (even though I used like a half dozen needles to pick all the stitches up again!). And, now things are back to normal.

While I was picking the stitches back up, I put Spencer in the floor in front of me (since he's very grabby now). Within seconds, I felt a tug on the yarn and looked down to see that he'd grabbed the yarn coming from the skein and wound it around in his hand and was experimentally tugging. He had a great time tugging the yarn and every once in a while sneaking it into his mouth while I was getting the stitches back on the needles. It was funny to see - and funny to realize both of my kids have grown up with so much yarn (and fabric) in their lives. It's all part of having a creative mom, I guess.

I do love it that Matthew always thinks to compliment us on whatever we're knitting. His first question though is always "is that for me?"

At any rate, hopefully the socks will move alone now. I feel like my knitting is really at the mercy of the little one's sleeping schedule (or lack of one). I can only hope that things settle a little more once a tooth finally pops through!

Here's a picture of the finished first sock. I tried to take pictures of the wonderful EOP (eye of partridge) heel a while back, but the lighting didn't work out. So I'll reshoot those when the second sock is finished. It was my first exposure to the EOP, and I really enjoyed it and think it's a beautiful heel. I do have a bit of a fit problem, however, right above my heel, which was partly why I took the photos - trying to show where the sock "bags" a bit. I'm hoping some devout sock makers out there can help me figure out how to remedy this on future socks. For the second Making Waves, of course, I'm mirroring the first.


(Update: actually, my blog-friend Christy at Rainbow Chills made the Circle of Friendship socks recently. I noticed it when she posted about it because I'd just gotten the pattern. So, I thought about it today when typing my post but just now went and tracked down the reference. You can see her finished socks, which were for a lucky secret pal, here.)

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The color effect on this sock is wonderful. I've gotten behind on keeping up with the Six Sox message board. I'll go right over and look at the photo there.

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