Sad Sock Story

Well... I blogged last week about my "second" Making Waves sock and how I'd had to drop all the stitches, backtrack, and pick everything up again to try and alleviate a small hole problem. I thought things were fine after that, but by Friday morning, it was obvious that

                                         in sockland

I am careful.

I keep good notes.

I, lover of small journals (especially ones made by M.) and ink pens (especially Sensa pens with their new gel inks), record every row with my own system of hash marks.

But, despite my good record and best intentions, I could tell something was wrong.

It looked like the 8-row section was too elongated. But, it was hard to tell - and impossible to count - because of the cabling pattern (2 rows out of 8 are cabled). So, I thought maybe that the next cabling row would make things look right as the next "twist" in the wave happened.

It didn't.

I tried to count rows.

I tried to figure out how I'd gotten off track or where.

I showed it to M. and said, "Does anything look wrong here to you."

She spotted that the section looked too long.

My only choice… to rip.

I did.

But, that wasn't the end of it.

I didn't have the beginning of the row (BOR) marked, so when I dropped everything off the needles and started ripping out rows (careful to count how many I was taking out!), I lost my visual on the BOR. I also was having trouble orienting myself as to which row was which. Getting to one or other of the cable rows seemed the only thing to do (because then I'd know I was on row 3 or 7 of the repeat). But, I also had to carefully watch the stitches fall off to figure out whether the cable was in front (row 7) or in back (row 3).

About 20 (ripped) rows later, I was putting things back on the needle. And, by count, it did appear that maybe I'd had two to many rows of plain stockinette in the repeat. I guess I got going and whizzed around the rows without registering them and marking them in my notes.

Problems didn't end there.

That night when I picked the sock up again, things still weren't right.

It was clear a few rows later.

I think the BOR was wrong.

I finally started dropping rows again.

I was in tears - all over a sock.

I was in tears because I was convinced I was just going to have to start the whole thing over (and before ripping the first time, I was 7 rows from starting the heel). And, with each row I ripped, I just kept thinking of all the other projects I wanted to be knitting.

It was sad.

But I did finally get things on the needles right again, found the right BOR, and over the weekend finished up the leg and got started on the EOP heel.

So, what did I work on in my 30 minutes of free time last night? Charlotte, of course!

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