second sock done

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Yeah! I finally finished the second Making Waves sock for the Six Sox Knitalong. It had to be complete by the end of this month, so I did wait sort of last minute on it, but that's what I love about this knitalong. It's really a motivator for me. If it wasn't for the pseudo-deadline of the knitalong, I probably wouldn't have finished sock #2. Not that it's not beautiful (it is). Not that it wasn't challenging (it was). Not that I'm not proud of having actually finished my first pair of cabled socks (I am). It's just that I'm not really a sock #2 person. Sock #1 thrills me. Sock #2 is harder to get excited about. I already know how the pattern goes. I already know how the colors play out. So, if it wasn't for the sockalong, I'd probably have worked on Charlotte instead, and then finished my gauntlets, and then... there would always have been something else. So, the knitalong is perfect, and I'm finding I really like the sense of structure it adds.

This isn't a great photo, but here they are. The colors are richer in person.


Here's the info...

Pattern: Making Waves (from 6 Sox Knitalong)
Yarn: Lang JaWoll Color
CO: 72 stitches (because it's a cabled pattern)
Needles: 2's for leg and top of foot; worked heel and instep on 1's
Heel: EOP with garter edge (quite beautiful)

It's a wrap.

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They look great!!

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