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So, I've got 12 more rows of Charlotte to do. It's incredibly beautiful, and I can see myself enjoying making it again (and again). I know I want one. And I'm tempted to make one for my son's preschool's annual auction. Since we're not the knock-on-the-door type, we anticipate making a number of things to meet our fundraising quota. I think a Charlotte might be a good idea.

I was reading ahead about the crochet edging last night. At first, I was confused by the three rows of edging, but I think I've got it now. Someone who's done it before... for the first row, you just go on the straight edge, and then rows 2 and 3 are around all three sides? Right? So the two long edges of the triangle are not included in row 1. Right?

I was worried that I might run out of yarn. I cut it close with color #4. But then I realized that color #4 is used for 8 rows (with color number 3), then 16 rows on its own, then 8 rows (with color #5). So, it was used for 32 rows. Color #5 is used for 8 rows (with color #4) and then 16 rows. So, 24 rows in all, plus the cast-off, plus the 3 rows of edging. The rows are longer, so, it's possible I'll be cutting it close. I went out looking to see if I could find other bloggers who had mentioned running out (because I thought I recalled reading that somewhere).

I didn't find the entry I was thinking of, but I did see that Steph at And She Knits, Too recently finished her third Charlotte (and did run out of yarn). It is beautiful. Those are very much the kinds of colors I want to do for my own. (I've mentioned these before, but she also made a wonderful Charlotte poncho, as did my friend over at SequinK.)

And ponchos continue to be everywhere! I was thumbing through the new WoolWorks catalog that came, and there are a ton of ponchos. What a year to be bjorning a baby. There were several sweaters that jumped out at me too.

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Hi, good to hear your Charlotte is going so well. I've been dying to make a second myself.

I ran out of color #4 myself, and had to use #5 for an extra row or two. I had just enough of #5 to finish the shawl so I had to order one more skein to use for fringe.

I used my first color for the crochet edging. All of my crochet edging was on the two bottom edges, none on the top long edge. The first row was along the entire bottom edges, the second and third I chained and crocheted into every fifth or so stitch on row one. (I can't remember off hand.)

If you have any questions, let me know and I will try to help.

Good Luck!

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