Color my world

I mentioned that I'd been sorting through bags and bins picking out colors for an impromptu needlepoint project for a holiday recipient [who sometimes reads my blog]. Here's a snapshot of the colors.


Taken as a whole, isn't this grouping wonderful? These colors make me happy every time I look at them. They are bright yet soothing, peaceful, cheerful, calm... it just turned out to be a great group!

And, on the theme of 'color my world,' here are words to a favorite lullaby. Well, it's a kid's song. I learned it in 5th grade. I remember very little from those days, but these words and the accompanying tune have always stuck with me. It's a favorite of Matthew's today:

    "Red and yellow and pink and green,
    Purple and orange and blue.
    You can sing a rainbow. Sing a rainbow. Sing a rainbow, too.

    Listen with your eyes. Listen with your eyes.
    And sing everything you see.
    You can sing a rainbow. Sing a rainbow. Sing a rainbow, too."

As I got ready to leave the preschool this morning, some of the older boys (circa 5) were on the jungle gym playing and were only allowing kids with red clothing to play with them.

This is somehow an outgrowth of boys not wanting to play with girls and vice versa that manifested itself today in clothing colors being the limiting factor.

(Yes, a teacher, dressed all in blue, stepped in to ask if she could play.)

It starts too/so young.

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