Scattered Threads

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Scattered indeed. I look over at my table, and what a mess. The second gauntlet is sitting on top, yarn hanging over the edge of the Vera Bradley case it's being housed in. I had to take out 8 rows this morning to correct a problem I noticed last night, so all the extra yarn is now hanging there. To the side of that is the first of the third sock for the Six Sox Knitalong which I've started in one of the Regia Jubilee colorways I ordered this summer. This is cool yarn, folks. I don't have much done, but I'll get a picture posted soon so you can see the fabulous colorway develop. For one reason or another, yesterday was a day of foiled knitting, and I had to frog some rows of the sock, too. So, there's a lot of that yarn excess hanging around, but it's cool to look at with its lengths of solid color flanked by almost candy-striped sections, so that's okay.

In a larger red Vera B bag on the floor next to my chair, I've got my Charlotte. She's finished except for the fringe, which I started cutting this morning. I won't be able to block her though until the weekend probably.

Here are some photos I took before I did the crochet edging this weekend. As long as you're not my mom, you can take a look.

mom don't click mom don't click mom don't click

And, right now in my chair is a needlepoint project I pulled back out. I've got a number of them started and stashed throughout the house. Most of them are "big" projects - several large Mary Engelbreit canvases, for instance. And when I say "large," I mean poster-hang-over-the-mantle size. They've taken a serious back burner to my knitting this year. But, this smaller project has been on my brain lately for gifty reasons, and so I got it out the other day, laid it on my table, and let it simmer as I knit. Today, I actually picked up some thread and did a bit, and that cinched the deal. I got out several color-coordinated bags of Silk and Ivory thread, one of my favorite needlepoint fibers, and have been picking colors.

So, nothing to show, but a lot going on in my head and all over my table.

As soon as I wrap up Charlotte and finish the gauntlets (fingerless mittens) [and I may do gauntlet number 1 over again because I'm unhappy with the appearance of my increases], I want to start on a Koigu sweater I'm planning based on a Kim Hargreaves sweater. I'm going to do it in various colors, integrated in the manner of Charlotte's Web. I have the yarn already. I just need to swatch and determine the order of the colors and the number of rows per color and per color integration set so that I can get started. I'm hoping to carry the same color progression up the arms, so it's going to be a tricky process to manage to the colors, especially since I'm working with single skeins of most of them. But, I think it'll work. I considered doing the arms solid to avoid potential issues with quantity, but I think with careful preplanning, things should be fine. Plus, the whole variegated, color-washed look of the sweater wouldn't really "work" if the sleeves were solid. That would be to color-blocky for what I have in my head. As you can see, I've been thinking a lot about this one, just haven't gotten started.

Will post pics soon, including needlepoint colors - though I won't be able to show the project itself. [I'm going to have a serious backlog of photos to show after the holidays! Ah, well, on my ever-present to-do list is add a gallery of finished objects to my blog, so maybe post-holiday will be the perfect time for that.]

As an aside... M. and I were laughing the other day that I've finished two pairs of socks from the knitalong but haven't worn either yet. So, today I pulled out a pair [the Clover Leaf socks] and put them on. It's chilly, gray, and wintery-feeling here, so I was in the mood for socks and closed-toe Birks. As I put them on, I was thinking, "the problem with socks is that no one ever sees/notices them."

So, I drop Matthew off at school, and one of the moms mentions our cute hats. He had on his rainbow hat, and I had on my favorite Rowan hat out of the greatest pink Big Wool [which I made on my 33 birthday, by the way]. I sort of shrugged it off with a thanks, and 'yeah, we love to knit' when asked if we'd made them. Other moms chimed in with the "you're so crafty" type comments [which my readers know I hate].

The one mom persisted though. As she looked at my hat, she asked, "what stitch is that on the top? Purl?" Baby in one arm, I tugged the hat off to see for sure what I was wearing and said "It's seed."

"That's knit one, purl one and then purl one knit one on the other side, right?" she asked.

My brain flared as I realized she was asking knitterly [not crafty] questions.

"You knit," I asked, daring to hope.

"I know enough to knit a hat," she said.

And we were off. There we sat on the edge of the play yard talking knitting.

And, then, irony of all ironies, she looked down and asked, "Did you make your socks?"


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Great post Amy.

I think knitting gets belitted as "crafty" because it's considered women's work and is often practical rather than strictly for display.

Annoying, in any case.

Can't wait to see all the finished products!

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