still here (or there)


Well, I'm still hanging out here with my mom in KY. She's doing well, and we're even getting some knitting done. She's looking at 6 weeks off from work, so she's got lots of knitting time ahead, and the holiday is just around the corner, soit's not a bad time of year to be stuck with little more to do than knit. What do people without hobbies do?

Having got her broadband connection installed and then setting her up wirelessly with her laptop so that she can surf from the luxury of the couch, I logged in last night to catch up on some blog reading only to find my own page blank of entries. Oops! I didn't think to reset the number of days shown before I left. It's sort of scary to see your own page blank that way.

I didn't leave many comments, but I spent time on a number of your blogs getting my knit blog fix. It was great.

I brought an assortment of projects with me, and it's good that I brought a range because the first two didn't end up being overly successful. I'm not giving up on a mini Yarn Harlot poncho I started the first day in the hospital in a pretty purple/pink chenille I've had forever from an ebay purchase. But, I didn't like how it was looking in the needle size I started with, so I'm going to try it again on a smaller needle. It was looking really loopy.

The other less-than-thrilling project involves some pretty purple "Wendy" yarn M. gave me as a travel surprise before I left. It feels really soft on the skein, but worked up, the foundation fiber upon which the thick boa-esque eyelash is hung has a rough feel to it. I've finished one skein of the yarn, and I'll have to use the other to get a workable length for the scarf. But it ended up being a bit disappointing.

After three days and nights in the hospital with Mom and needing something I could count on to 'work,' I turned to another rainbow hat. Before I left, M. decided she really wanted one and dropped by Imagiknit to pick up another skein of the rainbow Lorna's Laces. I got started on it, and after finishing the first 5 1/2 inches, I gave her a call just to doublecheck that the length matched up to the way I made mine. (It was looking really long to me.) She starts giving me measurements with and without the "roll." I was holding the one I was working on in my hand and feeling very confused because there was no "roll."

Yep, I'd read the pattern wrong when starting this, the third, and didn't knit the first inch or so to create the rolled edge. So much for third time's a charm!

After confirming with M. that she didn't mind taking my finished hat and just letting me make the final one for myself, I decided to take a different approach. I had brought some Lamb's Pride bulky super-wash in red to use with the remaining yarn from the previous two hanks of the Lorna's Laces bulky to make Matthew a scarf (inspired by Mommio's scarves for her two sons).

Feeling drawn to the red, I worked the roll brim of my rainbow hat in red, then picked up with the rainbow, and then did the crown in the red again. I like how it turned out!

red hat

After wrapping that up, I got started on Matthew's scarf. I had some stops and starts trying to decide what I wanted to do in terms of stitch pattern. Finally, I settled for seed (which remains a tried-and-true favorite of mine). I'm loving how the rainbow is working up in seed (though this snapshot may not do it justice).


Having put the scarf aside last night because I need to measure it, I re-cast on my Fluted Bannister socks. I'd started them a few weeks ago in Regia Jubilee, but I wasn't liking how the stitch pattern worked up in the yarn, so I brought a skein of Opal with me. I tried another sock pattern in it once before, so I know it has wide sections of the base pinkcolor with small stripes of yellow and blue in it. I think it's a better choice for this sock.

fluted in opal

I'm gadually realizing that not every sock pattern works with every sock yarn - especially when it comes to the wonderful self-patterning and variegated yarns. Sometimes, a patterned sock just doesn't do the yarn justice - and vice versa.


What a great hat! I love it. And people with no hobbies watch a LOT of TV. I think. I'm too busy hanging out with people who have lots of hobbies to know for sure.

Hey Pal. Glad to hear you're doing OK and you're Mum's doing good too. I've had those knitting moments where nothing appears to be working. Very frustrating! I'm looking forward to you receiving your last parcel and revealing who I am :) , for purely vain reasons, so you can read my blog!

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