the gauntlets are golden


In trying to tie up loose ends as I prepare to get out of the house this weekend or early next week to go help my mom, I've been also feeling the pressure of the mess on what might as well be called my knitting table next to what has become "my" chair. I'm having an "All in the Family" moment as I type that in. I never had "a" designated chair before. And, hopefully, this is temporary. But since the baby's birth, the glider (which wasn't really used before) has become my spot for most of my sitting hours (at least the ones that are not spent here in my office on my yellow chool).

So, in trying to get things cleared out and figure out which projects I should take with me, I got busy wrapping up the gauntlets to get them off the table and off my mind.

After finishing the second one over the weekend, I did take out the first gauntlet from the wrist up because I'd done my make-1's backwards, resulting, yes, in unsightly holes. I'm not a new knitter, but I do think in the past that my experiences with m1's have been slightly haphazard. I've never really taken the time to figure out which way the needle needed to go through the stitch from below, and so on. Plus, my typical method of increasing has generally been knitting through the front and the back of the same stitch. But, that does create a bar, so for these I was doing the prescribed m1, and I made a mess.

The good thing that came out of it is that now I've totally absorbed the mechanics of the simple m1 and don't think I'll ever again make holes unless I'm intending to make holes!

M., ironically, didn't mind the holes and was fine with me leaving them. But I couldn't do it. So, I finished #2, ripped back #1, and all that was left to do was pick up the thumb stitches and finish the few rows of that.

I did that last night.

They are shown here on two different hands, so the fit is different. Ironically, we both think they fit us. I guess I like mine looser. She doesn't mind the snug fit.



They turned out pretty good. And, even better, because M. wanted them shorter, I was able to do them with one skein of Koigu KPPM, which really opens things up in terms of making more. We've got lots of random Koigu in the house.

Let me take a minute to say, too, that my secret pal 2 is wonderful. She's great, and I appreciate knowing that she's been popping into my blog every once in a while. She sent me a funny pulp fiction card today, too, which gave me a laugh.

I'm looking forward to finding out who she is. I did spend a bit of time poking around trying to find her Australian knit blog. But, I didn't succeed. Of course, I didn't poke too hard. I do like to be surprised!

(My own pal (the person I have) doesn't blog about her packages or notes, so I've learned a lot about the SP program and the importance of it being a two-way street! If you've received something from your pal and haven't taken a picture or at least blogged the contents, take time to do so!)

You can see, I'm in a bit of a sulky mood. I'll probably delete the above before pal revelations, but for now, I'm letting it stay.

So, I am trying to determine what to take with me. There are too many possibilities, which makes it harder than it should be. And, in good knitterly fashion, my temptation is to run to the yarn store and pick up something new. More yarn is the knitter's version of comfort food, I guess. I sort of need to go to the yarn store to buy the last bit of stuff to round out my final package to my secret pal, which I need to mail before I leave. I'm just afraid that while I'm there, I'll be tempted/swayed/compelled into more than I need.

But, I hate to go without projects in hand, especially since there's not a good yarn store in the area. In the mail last night was a reminder notice that Cottage Yarns, a store south of here (but not far) is having their 15% off everything sale next weekend. My local ImagiKnits is a great store as far as what they offer, but there are things we like to pick up at Cottage Yarns, and they are very friendly (and kid-friendly) there. They even have smiley face buttons that they let the little ones pick from, which is nice. It's too bad I'll miss the sale, but M. thinks it is perfect timing since it means she might be able to pick up some stocking stuffers.


I love the gauntlets and Koigu PPPM is just so delicious to work with! Did you use a specific pattern?

I love the gauntlet gloves you made. In fact I absolutely LOVE them. Please, please, please can you provide me with the pattern? They are the only ones I found to be exactly what I'm looking for and I would really appreciate a pattern.
Thank you, Debbie V

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