Ubi-Media Mix

From an interview with HP Senior Fellow and algorithm developer Robert Tarjan:

    "Human beings have made it thus far, but there are plenty of things going on that have their downside as well their upside. All the new developments in rich media are wonderful in some ways, but some of these developments are depriving kids of the opportunity to create their own rich, imaginary environments."

This struck a chord with me, and I wanted to commit it to blogdom here.

We're a media-heavy household. We watch too much T.V. Play too many computer games. Spend too much time surfing. Etc. We believe in media and high-tech and ubicomp - absolutely, resolutely, unequivocably. But, we also believe in imagination, creativity, social skills, daydreaming, and the ability to appreciate reflections of sunlight on a wood floor, the moon peaking through during daylight hours, a butterfly landing in a favorite dump truck... the list goes on.

Seek balance.


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